Monday, June 27, 2016

Essie Summer 2016: Loot the Booty

Today I bring you the first of four polishes I picked up from Essie's Summer 2016's collection: Loot the Booty.

I'll take a moment before getting into the polish to describe the full collection, which I haven't yet seen in local stores (I took advantage of a Nordstrom bonus day to pick up this set online). Names are courtesy Essie's website.
  • Viva Antigua, the collection's namesake- iridescent crystalline turquoise
  • Coconut Cove- sweet cream white
  • Berried Treasures- bright ruby berry
  • Hiking Heels- scorching hot lava red
  • Loot the Booty- blue sapphire pavĂ©
  • Tribal Text-Styles- black gold and crushed onyx

One of my favorite things that Essie offers is the mini 4-pack of colors. Let's be honest, how many of us ever finish a full bottle of polish? The Summer 2016 4-pack is Viva Antigua, Coconut Cove, Berried Treasures, and Loot the Booty. I think it's the perfect mix and am happy with the brand's choices.

I tested and photographed the following combination:

1 coat Ridge Filler Base coat, 3 coats Loot the Booty nail color, 1 coat No Chips Ahead Topcoat (this isn't a work-friendly color, otherwise I would've used my beloved Gel Setter). Admittedly, I'm not a big fan of No Chips Ahead because it fails to live up to its name with my nails, chipping quickly, and doesn't leave as shiny a finish as I'd like.

Cleanup was easy with a bit of nail polish remover- this doesn't seem to be the type of blue that's going to stain your nail beds. Even so, use a base coat!

OK, now let's talk about Loot the Booty. With a name like that and first available testing time on a Saturday, you know that's where I needed to start with this collection.

Loot the Booty is a glorious blue. I think Essie's description of the blue as sapphire is spot-on; it's quite similar to a sapphire that I own (but won't photograph for security seasons) that's a high quality family heirloom. It's close to a deep, natural sapphire. The shimmer gives it internal illumination that elevates this from a plain creme. It's also not over the top.

Here's Loot the Booty inside:

Outside in the sun, it really does look like a pure sapphire. I had a hard time getting a good photo- and no, I didn't clean up my dominant hand. #sorrynotsorry.

Here's a 100% out-of-focus but 100% true-to-color shot. Blame the focus issues on it being at a stop light!

Bottom Line: Loot the Booty is an awesome summer color, and I'm glad that I started my exploration of Essie Summer 2016 with it.

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