About Me

Who is behind Quirky, Busy, and Beautiful?

The QBB is a beauty junkie with a passion for exploring the latest trends and collections in the beauty world, especially in nails. The QBB is an individual, and all content is being written by a single author. I am not a full-time blogger, due to my 9-5 commitments. (Let's be honest, it's more like 4-6) I am not employed in the beauty or retail industries (although, like most people, I do have retail experience in my past and would've loved to have gone into the beauty world but was pointed in the direction of grad school instead), and love showing how to adopt the latest and greatest and make it work in the corporate world. I find makeup to be my creative outlet.

It also gives me somewhere to be honest about my love of all things girly. How often do you get a chance to play with feathers and inflatable flamingos?

In terms of my swatches, I've used the following foundation shades in the past:

  • MAC NW10/15
  • NARS Mont Blanc
  • Tom Ford Alabaster (it's a little dark but sheers out)
  • Burberry Trench 02
  • Marc Jacobs Ivory Light
  • Shiseido I00
  • Chanel BR12
MUFE 110 is too dark for my skin, as a reference.

Why won't you show your face?

I choose not to show full-face photographs for personal and professional reasons. I don't work in an office (or really, city) where that many women wear much makeup. I sort of stick out. Occasionally you'll see where I've edited a photo to crop out a reflection.

Then Why Blog?

There are many, many blogs out there, and I simply enjoy sharing my thoughts on my extensive collection with the world! I've taken breaks before because it wasn't fun anymore or I found myself pushing my budget. Some recent releases have brought me back into the fold and I remember how much fun this was!

I try to feature a variety of price points on the blog- I'm a sucker for a good drugstore product as much as I adore my Louboutin products.

Confess: How Many Nail Polishes Do You Have?

Don't ask. It's in the 1200+ range.

Are you a hoarder?

No. My home isn't full and cluttered. Having hobbies is healthy for humans, mine happens to be makeup and nail products, I have an extensive collection, but it's not taking over my home or my life. Compared to many vanity pictures posted online, I keep far less out, preferring to store most of my collection out of sight. If you didn't know where it was, there's a good chance that you'd walk right by my nail collection without realizing what's inside. I've had guests stay with me multiple times without knowing that my nail collection was present. Likewise, my makeup lives in 2 Alex 9 Drawer units. If they start overflowing, time to do a declutter.

How do you afford this?

Let me be 100% clear on something: I don't believe in going into debt for wants, period. I am actually fiscally conservative and won't purchase items without having the funds to pay for them that day, Some debt is positive (student loans, mortgage), some a necessary part of life (car payments). If you find yourself going into debt to purchase beauty products or falling behind on other bills, please get help! I'm blessed to have a healthy salary and the budgetary flexibility to afford these wants after my needs are filled. I do not promote compulsive shopping or overspending.

I do have a few favorite rewards programs and have been couponing since I was a child, so those assist with the size of my beauty budget.

Other than Makeup, What else do you enjoy?

I'm an obsessive sports fan (NHL, NFL, NASCAR, and a little MLB are my vices) who can hold my own talking the merits of the 3 4 defense vs the 4 3, identify zone coverage, or bemoan the neutral zone trap with other fans. I don't play fantasy sports or video games. I will watch anything race with a motor, although I never learned to drive stick myself!

I'm also a wannabe DIYer who is very slowly fixing up her home, although the number of items that break in a given time period still exceeds those that I have the ability to fix! I also have started to dabble in the kitchen (long-time readers will remember my thrill of finally purchasing my first Le Creuset). I also read everything I can get my hands on, and have been doing that my entire life.

What type of camera are you using?

Sony Cybershot point and shoot with some manual settings. I recently invested in 5 lights, and I'm still trying to get the hang of everything. There may be some irregularities until I get used to it. Let's just say that my little peace of heaven has horrendous lighting.