Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Milk Makeup Holographic Glosses- Supernova & Mars

So, I've been playing with these 2 glosses for awhile- you may have even peeped them in the front of my everyday makeup drawer- and I honestly forgot to review them. Sorry!

I think everyone's pretty familiar with Milk Makeup by now. They're sold via Sephora and their own website. This is the brand with all of the sticks. Recently, they came out with a number of fluid products- including two Holographic lip glosses, which retail for $24 each. They match two of the most popular Highlighting Sticks- which I don't have and won't purchase (although I'm tempted) because cream highlight's not my thing.

These little gems weigh in at 0.32oz/9g and come in a squeeze tube with wand (similar to the L'Oreal Infallible Paints but you can see how much product is left). You could wear them alone, but these are really lip toppers.

Let's start with my favorite- Mars. This is such a versatile shade that I love popping on warm-toned lips. My favorite combo is bareMinerals Cookie with this. Unfortunately, you're going to mainly have to trust me on this because after shooting literally 100 photos in different lighting setups, I was on the struggle bus with this product.

These come in a super handy combo squeeze tube/wand setup that luckily is in vogue these days. I really love Mars and have worn it at least once per week since I purchased it.

Let's take a look at a swatch of this gloss:

This peachy shade is wearable on its own- and really does look nude on the lips. Hence, the following:

Theres something very summer-like about this shade. As I previously mentioned, I adore pairing this with the bareMinerals Gen Nude liquid lipstick in Cookie. I attempted to get a good photo. Really, these are so hard to photograph without professional equipment.

It doesn't do it justice.

Here's something rare- the actual in-store swatch that made me fall in love with these two:

That will serve as an introduction to the blue Supernova.

It's got the same type of packaging as the highlighter as the same name.

Supernova really captured my imagination. It's a blue iridescent gloss that's unlike anything else in my stash. It's not holo.

I was quite bold and impulsive when I purchased a blue lip topper, but I was really thinking of this over a berry or a red.

I have to admit that Milk Makeup really has nailed this packaging.

Although I've found Supernova less applicable to my daily life, it's still a fun shade to have around. Let's go to the swatches.

First, in studio lighting. Then, ambient lighting.

This almost reminds me of a more pigmented and bluer version of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Jelly.

I wouldn't wear this alone, but I managed to get a lip shot. It's quite pigmented:

This shot really shows the blue reflects.

I'm going to wrap this post up with a studio lighting swatch of both glosses:

Bottom Line: These are a lot of fun to add to your collection, particularly if you have a number of matte liquid lipsticks. Adding one of these two will double the shades and allow you to incorporate the glossy lip trend- and shift the shade just a bit. I've only tried three products from Milk Makeup but will be purchasing more in the future.

Glitter Tuesday: Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows for Summer 2017:

Welcome to Glitter Tuesday (back after a minor Nordstrom sale disruption)!

Just a spoiler alert, we're going to work our way through all of the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows before we start playing in glitter pigments and I finally reveal my Lit Glitters collection.

Today we're going to explore Stila's Summer 2017 offerings. They released three duochrome shadows for the summer, with a slightly different formula. Like the others, they retail for $24 each and are available at the usual retailers.

There are three shades: Sunset Cove, Sea Siren, and Into the Blue.

Let's start with the lightest (and one of my favorites), Sunset Cove:

Sunset Cove is a pink glitter with green duochrome. It's really tricky to capture, hence the plethora of photos. It's easy to distinguish from Sea Siren when they're side by side, but they might look similar apart,

I think you can see the green shift in some of these photos. On the eye, this translates into dancing light- and is totally wearable for someone like me.

I just wanted to remind about the applicator. You can use it on the eye directly. But the next photo shows you how I use it.

Yes, I use a Bath & Body Works candle lid as a palette. It's cheap and easy. All I do is pick it up with a tiny brush like a MAC 228.

Let me show you how it subtly glows on the eye:

Gorgeous and totally summer-appropriate. The other pink shadow? Colourpop Say I Do. I adore this shade so much and am close to being brave enough to wear it into the office.

Next up, Sea Siren. This is a light purple with a blue shift. I know it looks similar to Sunset Cove, but I swear that they're quite different.

I think this looks a little warmer than it translates on the eye.

This is a cool-toned shade with quite a bit more pigment than the last shade I shared.

Let's jump straight to it on the eye. I kept the blurry open eye shot in because the blue shift is especially apparent.

This is such a flattering, cool-toned purple shade. I think it's a great shade for spring and summer- and even the depths of icy winter. I look forward to wearing this a lot more than I have.

The last shade is Into the Blue. This is a deep blue with purple duochome- and I've been wearing the heck out of it.

This one is totally unmistakable.

Look at the bubble below- I told you I've been wearing this a lot!

More shots of this glorious shade:

OK, let me share a look that I previously shaded on Instagram that perfectly showcases this shade. I'm just going to drop the mic.

I'm in love.

Here's a group swatch (Sea Siren, Sunset Cove, Into the Blue) in Studio Lighting:

The same swatches, in ambient lighting:

Bottom Line: I really like these three summer shades. Yes, they're a different formula and require a bit of finesse to apply. Sunset Cove is one of my favorite shades in the entire range because it's so wearable. I also like the smaller glitter and wish Stila would incorporate it into additional shades going forward.

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Summer 2017 L'Oreal Lips: Infallible Metallics Paints & Infallible Matte Metallics Paints- and a new Pro-Matte Liquid Lip as a bonus

I took my time earlier to share with you the all-new L'Oreal Infallible Matte Paints yesterday, and now it's the other three finishes. Phew.

First up, the L'Oreal Infallible Metallics Paints (MSRP $9.99). These are the most accessible of the three new Paints formulas that I've found, with displays of four colors at just about all mass retailers (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Ulta).

First up, 330 Moon Lust.

This is the lightest of the three Metallics Paints that I have, and probably the most wearable. It's hard to describe in terms of shade- it's a bit of a nudey pink with peach?

The tube is fairly representative. All of these Paints have the same component, and applicator.

Here it is, swatched. First, in studio lighting:

And now, in ambient lighting:

But the real test is how these look on the lips. First, in studio lighting:

Now, in ambient:

This is my favorite of the Metallic Paints, and the most muted of the metallics. I haven't yet worn these out but I would feel comfortable running errands in this one. Work? Not so much in my office. My only complaint is the very nature of any metallic shade- hella lip lines!

Next up, 332 Galactic Foil.

This is the darkest shade that I purchased to test, and quite honestly- I was nervous.

This is a red berry shade that's again- way out of my recent nude loves.

Here it is, swatched under studio lights (spoiler: these metallic shades jump under studio lights):

Here's that same swatch in ambient lighting:

Finally, here it is on my lips:

I'm officially tucking this one away until Fall when I'm craving these deeper shades. I mainly purchased this to test formula in comparison to Moon Lust. I'm happy to say that they both perform equally.

Next up, 336 Liquid Venom. This is my most recent acquisition, and a shade I became obsessed with.

This is a deep red-brown metallic (duh) shade that's warmer than Galactic Foil.

I really feel like these shades are made for people who have darker complexions than I do, but sometimes you have to step out of the box, right? I became obsessed with having this but haven't yet ventured outside wearing it.

Swatched under studio lighting:

And swatched under ambient lighting:

Here's a swatch under studio lighting. This is truly a stunning red-brown shade. I wish I was cool enough to wear this out.

I'm not sure why I felt like I needed this shade- perhaps it's the warm hues I've been wearing- but I look forward to playing with it the rest of this sizzling hot summer.

Just to wrap up our discussion of this formula, here's a studio lighting group swatch:

I have this overall love/hate with metallic lip shades. These are totally trendy and fun- but I'm not sure if I'm entirely comfortable with them. They're a nice alternative to the drying liquid lipsticks. If you haven't checked them out yet, I do recommend trying one to see if they're for you.

Next up, let's talk about the hybrid release of the group: L'Oreal Infallible Matte Metallic Paints ($9.99 MSRP).

So far, I've only found these online at Ulta.com. If these have made it to local stores, please let us all know in the comments. There are six colors, but I only picked up one of them to test.

Meet 376 Flamingo Floss. I couldn't resist. This has the same packaging as the others, but with a brushed metallic finish.

Same applicator as always.

Swatched under studio lighting- this just looks pretty.

Swatched in ambient lighting shows off its chalkiness a bit:

Swatched on the lips in studio lighting (Where it feels 1980s):

Finally, in ambient lighting:

I've tested this around my home a few times and think it's ok. It's very dry like the mattes and emphasizes lines like the metallics. I think I need to play with primers for best performance. This, like the others, doesn't deal well with eating/drinking.

I'm eyeing two other shades to test if/when they eventually hit stores. I feel like the red hues are best suited for this type of formula rather than a medium pink like what I have. But it's a Flamingo shade. I had to.

Finally, let's talk about the all-new L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick ($9.99 MSRP, 0.21 fl oz/6.3ml). This formula completely snuck up on me. Unlike the new Paints that I was on the hunt for, I hadn't seen this pop up on the brand's Instagram or anywhere else. I literally ran into them at Walgreens.

I don't normally post display photos, but this way you can see the whole shade array.  Here's a breakdown, from L-R:

352 Shake Down
358 Cowboy:
360 Angora
354 Nudist
366 Stirred
362 Plum Bum
356 Deeply Disturbed
370 Roseblood:
364 Milk and Cookies:
368 Matador

Also on L'Oreal's website but not in-store:
372 Petal Potion- a salmon pink
374 Kitten Paw- a light lilac

To change things up, I purchased shade 360 Angora.

Angora is one of those greigey nudes that I generally stay away from, but I wanted to push myself a bit. In case you're wondering, this is the same packaging (albeit with a frosted component) as the Pro Matte Glosses and Infallible Glosses:

I'm huge fans of the other formulas, so I was really excited to try the liquid lipstick form.

The doe foot applicator likewise looks very familiar:

Let's swatch her. First, let's use studio lighting... no, I didn't wait for it to dry down:

Same swatch, ambient lighting instead:

Here's what Angora looks like on the lips. I had a natural light shot but when I looked closer, it was unusable. Obviously, this is in studio lighting.

Let's talk formula. This takes quite awhile to dry down (about 5 minutes) and I struggled like crazy. It was simultaneously easy to work with the applicator but I found the color patchy unless I worked very carefully with it. That's the issue I had with my initial application photos. I literally put it on outside of Walgreens and it was hella patchy. Layering is a tricky proposition as well.

Does QBB recommend this formula? I don't feel like one shade is enough to truly judge the line, but the color I worked with was non-drying on my sensitive lips. I'm going to try a bold color next and see if the patchiness persists.

Bottom Line: L'Oreal is wearing me and my lips out with all of these new releases! I enjoyed playing with textures and colors that are way out of my comfort zone. I think there's something for everyone.

And a QBB Update: Long after I'd drafted this post, I picked up a few additional products (2x Metallics, 1X Matte Metallics, 2x Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick). I wanted to publish this first set in a timely basis, so I'll revisit these brighter shades in a couple of weeks.