Friday, November 17, 2017

Viseart Friday: Bijoux Royal Eyeshadow Palette

Happy Viseart Friday!

 Meet Bijoux Royal, the palette inspired by gemstones and velvet- according to the brand. Yes, we're dealing with yet another shimmery palette. If you're waiting for the rest of the mattes, there will be one next week.

This was another early purchase from Viseart, although these are the shades I generally think of for holiday and winter.

Let's just jump into it, ok?

Row 1: Maintains the traditional lighter shade layout.

I know the Sultry Muse was supposed to recall old Hollywood glamour, but this row also gives me those feelings.

Row 2: I love these- and have worn the purple so many times. It's electric on the eye.

Row 3: My favorite.

This row screams holiday seasons. Cranberry, rich browns, inky blue skies, and evergreen trees. Yum.

These aren't necessarily colors I reach for on a daily basis, but Viseart has constructed such a lovely and sophisticated palette.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

LORAC Mod Goddess Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set I

I've alluded to these sets in my prior reviews of the Alter Ego Lipstick Sets I & II (Set III coming soon), but this is the first of three LORAC Mod Goddess Alter Ego Lip Gloss sets released for Holiday 2017.

These sets don't directly correspond with the lipstick sets, but contain a mix of LE and permanent collection items in pink packaging. These are the same size as the regular releases, and at $17 each normally you can see how the $26 price tag for six glosses is a real steal.

There's a nice rage of shades in this particular kit, which can be found at Ulta or

In general, these are thick, hydrating, opaque glosses. I'm not wearing liner in any of these photos. With the exception of the lightest shades, these can be substituted for the lipsticks.

Let's jump in.

First up is Angel.

According to the brand, this is "nude with a gold shimmer."

I have to concur. This is the weakest shade in the group in terms of opacity, but when you're dealing with a nude gloss that's not necessarily a bad thing.

My pigmented lips do peek through.

Ick up close, but this is a nice topper.

Next up in the kit is Heroine.

According to the brand, this is "pink mauve."

This is such a lovely, wearable pink.

It's fully pigmented and covers my lips:

I like it despite the gold glitter.

The third gloss in the kit is Duchess.

This is described as "rosey nude."  I do already like it in the lipstick.

I find these colors to remain true, whether they're lipsticks or glosses.

This is an easygoing neutral shade that's great at the office. I've thrown this in my bag more than once.

Fourth up is Calypso.

This deeper shade is described as "berry violet."

It's a perfect Fall gloss, which I appreciate.

And it does look great on the lips.

Next up is Prom Queen.

This is described as "soft burgundy."

This deep red screams fall to me, how about you?

And it does look amazing on the lips:

The final shade in this set is Athena.

This is described as "true red."

It's slightly coral red, in my opinion.

Doesn't this look like the holidays?

That pigmentation is real.

I think this has a really nice shade range.

And a group swatch to remind you of the range:

Overall, I do enjoy these glosses. With glossy lips back on trend, this would make a great addition to your makeup collection, or a fab gift. Consider this QBB approved.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette for Holiday 2017

Today I bring you yet another one of those holiday releases that I wasn't going to buy, yet showed up when I was running merrily through Ulta during a 20% of coupon spree. Call it the red haze of shopping, but after one swatch of Icicle, I was done for.

Say hello to the Becca Apres Ski Glow Face Palette for Holiday 2017. This $54 palette contains six face products- three highlighters, two blushes, and one bronzer.  Each pan has 2.55g or 0.09oz product.

Yes, this is just as reflective but it's going to have to do. I happen to like the Becca palettes, so it was worth a try.

Let's take a look at the inside, with the large mirror.

Let's dig in, shall we?

First up is my favorite Becca highlighter of all time, Rose Quartz.

I adore this shade, which is a perfect beautiful highlight on me. I actually bought a backup. By the way, I think it's back for Holiday 2017. Thank goodness. It was the inclusion of this pan that tipped the balance on this whole palette for me, to be honest.

It's so lovely, right?

Next up is a brand-new shade- Icicle.

This is the other shade that lured me in. It's the perfect icy blue for my fair complexion.

I wish that this was available in a full pan, because I'd pick it up. After so many dark, warm highlighters it's nice to get the occasional pan from Becca that just works for me.

Next up is one of two blushes (or so they say) in this palette. Say hellow to Winter Berry.

This scared me. It's limited edition in this palette, but on the skin? Not as scary.

This is lovely- and a nice flush with a light hand. The shimmer is in the pan, but it doesn't translate other than a healthy flush to the skin.

The second row starts with Blushed Copper blush.

I think this is a straight up eyeshadow for me.

It's pretty, and I'll get creative working it into my routine.

Next up, the classic Opal highlighter.

I'm planning to do a full review of this soon- it's a classic for a reason.

Last up is Bronzed Bondi bronzer.

In the pan, this scares me.

But swatched and blended out, I can make this work. It's really more of a summer shade though. This is more of a nod to medium skintones, which I don't mind.

Here's a group swatch:

I wouldn't necessarily say that this palette is cohesive- the top and bottom rows are disjointed. Light and pale skintones would love row #1, medium skintones would love row #2. I think deep skintones would only like the Blushed Copper shade, honestly. It feels like Becca tried to make a palette for everyone and it just doesn't make a lot of sense.

That said, I think the top row's worth my investment and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection. I'd just think twice about gifting it.