Friday, October 20, 2017

Viseart Friday: Eyeshadow Palette #10 Warm Mattes

For this Viseart Friday, we're going to start jumping around a bit, partially because I'm unable to go chronologically due to not owning all of the palettes quite yet. That, and I'm trying to show some of the basics first.

Even though the Warm Mattes palette is the newest addition to the line, it's already a staple due to the current warm shadow craze. For $80, you receive 12 matte, creamy shadows that weigh in at 24g.

This palette is perfectly on trend, isn't it? Consider it the creamy matte perfect sidekick to all of those shimmery palettes.

OK, let's have a closer look at these shades and how they perform. One thing I neglected to mention initially (though if you were reading my Golden Hour review carefully, you would've picked up on it). There aren't any shade names for me to reference- that's why you haven't gotten any.

When I first bought this, all I could see was sun and fire... but right now I'm seeing the multiple colors of leaves I remember as a child as fall marched on. This is completely still seasonal appropriate.

Here's a closer look at Row 1:

All four of these light shades are so creamy- they're just quite yellow on my pronounced pink undertones.

Row 2 gets warmer.

These are just so pretty and blendable. Only Viseart can make orange-red matte easy to blend and work with.

Row 3 anchors the palette.

These deep reds are where I really see Fall.

Not only are these colors on-trend, they're just lovely and this performs far better than any of the other warm palettes I've tried this year. I hope just with these swatches you're starting to see why Viseart is so expensive but so good. They bring the best of the best.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Eyeshadow Palette for Holiday 2017

OK, friends. Buckle up, we're talking about an Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette.

And unlike the last ABH palette I purchased, I'm actually going to talk about this one. Why yes, I do own the Palette That Shall Not Be Named. I chose not to post about it because of the drama it invoked.  In a small voice... and I like that palette, too.

Given the drama this summer, Prism arrived again with additional controversy. Would this be like Modern Renaissance or would this be Subculture Part II? Let's dig into this.

Prism ($42, 14 pans x 0.7g each) is another velvet-encased palette with 14 shades designed for holiday. This has mattes, duo chromes, and metallics. Unlike most of the other recent releases, this isn't a mostly matte palette.

I like how this looks as a whole. I wish ABH would move past its velvet packaging because it gets so dirty.

Let's talk formula. While writing this post, I have the last four ABH palettes (Prism, Subculture, Master Palette by Mario, and Modern Renaissance) sitting beside me as reference.

Something changed after the Master Palette, which has the MR formula. Prism and Subculture are very similar in formula, but having played with Prism for over a week I have a theory. I think Prism was pressed more than the initial batch of Subculture- which is what I own. The mattes were also the big issue in Subculture, and Prism is only 50% matte.

One quick note about the brush that's included- it's actually good, including as a nose contour!

OK, back to the colors in Prism. My camera was having issues with balance because of the contrast.

This gives me the feeling of gilded fabrics, velvets, and opulence- that's holiday in a nutshell.

Let's break these down into four parts. All descriptions are credit to Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Row 1

Lucid is "duo chrome white gold with pink reflect"
Eden is "ultra-matte coral pink."
Unity is "ultra-matte nude ochre"
Sphinx is "metallic warm bronze"

I found Lucid to be an interesting shade. It's got that wet feeling that the metallics in Subculture have- and it's way too strong for an inner corner highlight.

Eden is a pleasant surprise as a transition or in the outer crease. It's really pigmented and works well. It blends really nicely.

Unity is close to my skintone, so I use it to tone down other shades and blend things out. It's nice and pigmented.

Sphinx is nice, but I have so many nice bronzes so it's not unique.

Osiris is "metallic midnight violet with red reflect"
Sphere is "ultra-matte electric green-yellow."
Obsidian is "ultra-matte deep black."

Oriris requires a bit of finesse but I think it's lovely as a deep and mysterious lid shade.

Sphere is slightly patchy but blends well. It's an interesting addition to the palette.

Obsidian requires building. That's not a bad thing- ABH has a super black shade already (Noir) and this shade can be used to deepen anything else.

Row 2

Dimension is "duo-chrome silver-grey with pink reflect"
Parallel is "ultra-matte truffle"
Pyramid is "metallic yellow gold with green reflect"
Throne is "metallic blackened blue-green with multicolor reflect"

Dimension really pulled me into this palette. It appears as a lilac. I love these shades all over my lid.

Parallel is one of those gorgeous ABH mattes that are pigmented and blend like a dream.

Pyramid is your glitzy holiday gold that will make this palette a must-have for holiday.

Throne is stunning. I can't wait to really use this for evening. It's so beautiful.

Saturn is "ultra-matte terracotta"
Eternal is "metallic violet copper"
Lure is "ultra-matte ashy lilac"

Saturn is another one of those outstanding ABH mattes with all of the positives that are mentioned with that formula.

Eternal is a weaker shimmer, but it's buildable quite easily.

Lure reminds me of those lovely shades in MR that I adore.

I don't have any photos of this on my eyes to share, but I have plenty of thoughts.

This is not Subculture-gate Part II. I find Prism an interesting palette. There are warm shades, cool shades, neutrals, jewel tones... you've got everything you'd need (almost). I do think it's useful to have a few other mattes nearby to add in, but this is a great palette.

I'll be honest- I was nervous to order, but did since this is limited edition. Although I wasn't thrilled with my experience with ABH customer service, I did receive my palette in one piece. This is available via the usual retailers, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sugar Glow Kit for Holiday 2017

I admit it: I'm relatively late to the game for the ABH Glow Kits. I missed out on the original few. I have the Nicole G, Sun Dipped, Moonchild, and Aurora Kits in my stash but wish I'd bought them from the beginning.

As much as I love these, I struggle to find the words to describe the products and their impact in fine detail. You've been warned.

OK, the basics. The Sugar Glow Kit retails for $40 and is currently available via the brand, Sephora, Ulta, and Macy's. I purchased mine from Ulta shortly after it launched. The Glow Kit contains four round pans that contain 7.4g of highlighter each- which is consistent with the previous four-pan Glow Kits. Like the others, this doesn't have a mirror.

The Sugar Glow Kit contains four shades that really work well for my fair skin. I like three of these so much that I may actually pick up a backup on sale so I can use without abandon. Let's dig into it.

Marshmallow is the lightest shade in the Kit.

The brand calls this a "white pearl." I spy a gold shift in this shade.

It's very pretty against my pale complexion and is more of a gleam on me than a metallic highlighter.

Next up, Gumdrop.

According to the brand, this is "duo chrome pink lilac."

This is one of my favorite shades- it mainly leans goldy pink on me although as a warning- there is some visible glitter.

The third shade is Butterscotch.

The brand describes this as "honey gold."

This is my least favorite shade in the Kit. It's a wearable gold for me, but a strong yellow gold.

The final shade is Starburst.

The brand describes this as "icy pink."

I call this my HG pinky nude highlighter. It can be subtle (left) or bling (right). This is incredible.

Here's a look at all four shades together- these pink highlighters really are some of my favorites. Normally I'm sad when I only have a testing item for an entire category in my weekly drawer but playing with just these for the past week was delightful.

I love the Sugar Glow Kit and find it to be so flattering on my skin. If you're extremely cool-undertoned and pale like I am, this is the Glow Kit for you. I'm honestly not sure how great this will be on medium and deep skin, so I'd recommend finding another set of swatches for reference.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

MAC Snow Ball Face Bag for Holiday 2017

Today I have a sneak peak at one of the items releasing on Thursday as a part of MAC's Snow Ball Holiday Collection- the Snow Ball Face Bag ($49.50, claims $85 value).

I referenced how I purchased this a week early in a post on Sunday. What I didn't say is that I found the experience to be as infuriating as the Sephora Epic Rewards, and even worse overall because when I expressed my unhappiness with the situation it was suggested that I stalk the website or find a connection. Not the way to treat your alleged best customers, MAC. I don't talk about my professional world because it's not applicable. But let's just say that sitting on MAC's website would be unacceptable, and I don't sit on my cell either. I didn't really feel like spending a single penny after that, but I knew I'd kick myself if I passed on an opportunity to nab Whisper of Gilt after passing last year.

Rant over, let's get back to the Face Bag. It comes in a clear box that I tossed without even thinking.

I'm not sure that this is the most value-packed MAC holiday kit, but it's got a product I've been curious about for a long time in a stunning pattern.

The packaging is very glitzy overall.

Lets talk first about the makeup bag. It's rose gold with silver sequins, and a faux-fur pom pom on the zipper. I don't see myself using this- which is sad because I usually love and use the bags from MAC holiday.  Moving on...

Next up is a mini fan brush.

This MAC 140SES is synthetic (boo!) and features a sparkly metallic rose gold handle. It feels very solid; I just very much prefer natural brushes.

As cute as the handle is, it feels slippery to my hands and I've been concerned that I'd drop it into the product the three times I've used it so far.

the back of the brush looks the same, minus the label. Just being complete here since I know I have this early.

Regarding functionality, it's fine. I have better fan brushes, but I've also used worse. I don't necessarily love it for highlighting, but it's nice to have a different shape to add to my collection. I wouldn't rush out to buy a set of brushes like this.

Now, onto the star of the show.

MAC's Whisper of Gilt Extra Dimension Skinfinish has gotten a glitzy makeover for Holiday 2017. The compact is tough to capture. Think metallic cracked ice or cracked glass effect.

It's multifaceted rose gold metallic- but it almost glitters despite not actually being glittery. Think fun hammered metal.

I could sit and look at this packaging all day. That said, let's talk about the product. You get 7.5g of product, and my compact states it's not for individual sale. I'm flagging this because the regular Extra Dimension Skinfinish highlighters contain 9g for $34. This is another sign that the value for this kit isn't really there.

Let's be honest, this isn't a value buy- it's because you want a full pan of a cult-classic highlighter in a gorgeous compact.

The powder has the same stunning snowflake pattern raised on the pan as the other products in the collection. This is a raised pattern. Sad but true: this is so pretty that I hesitated to even use it. I might buy a backup to stare at so I can use and destroy this one.

Let's talk about Whisper of Gilt.

It's a cult classic for a reason.

This warm gold highlighter really was one of the first blingy highlights. That said, I think I've been desensitized to highlights because I was surprised how natural it is.

I can't wear that many gold highlights, but this really will work well for me. I suspect it's the peachy undertones (much like I can wear the Peach Nectar Laura Geller highlight but Gilded Honey doesn't work as well for me.).

I'm surprised because I assumed it'd be too dark and too much. It's beautiful and I get it. Despite the drama, I'm happy to have it in my collection.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Set for Holiday 2017

Wonder where Sunday Dreaming went yesterday? I've been watching a lot of Kimberly Clark's AntiHauls lately and thought that I'd take a week or two off. Yes, I'll share my Ulta 20% planned purchase since that coupon landed in my inbox Sunday morning (psst... I usually take advantage of those to actually stock up on the essentials.) and my VIB Sale plans (and I didn't get invited to F&F this year for the first time in probably 5 years. It's ok, since I'm in the process of breaking up with Sephora anyhow). But not every week.

With that aside, I have picked up quite a few holiday items, notably from ABH and MAC. I'll bump some other reviews I had planned to show you the new stuff first.

Let's start today with the cutest of the holiday offerings, a trio of mini liquid lipsticks.

I think these are going to be a huge bestseller- not just because Sephora's pushing everything mini at the moment because of the value. These holiday kits are great for multiple reasons. First, you can just enjoy them yourself. Second, you can split them up as gifts to multiple people. Third, less waste. Regardless, these are great value.

This trio of minis retails for $25, and contains three shades: Dazed, Bittersweet, and Madison.They each contain 2.3g/0.08oz of product.

I can confirm these are larger than the GWP- take a look at what they look like, compared to a full-sized liquid lipstick and a GWP gloss.

Let's talk about the shades, and then I'll mention my feelings on the formula. I've been meaning to do a review of some of the popular liquid lipstick formulas. Look for that someday soon.

First up is Dazed.

This is the only shade that's been previously released in the trio. According to Ulta, Dazed is a "redwood."

This is a lovely, dark red that's not vampy. I think this is perfect for fall, and I can see myself reaching for it frequently.

Here's what Dazed looks like on my lips. One quick note on any of the swatches and lip shots- these dry completely matte. Since I was swatching back to back and didn't want to kill my lips by letting everything completely dry down.

That, and I swatched after work, which meant I had to rely on artificial lights.

Next up, Bittersweet.

According to Ulta, this is "swiss chocolate."

I don't eat chocolate, but this is a lovely brown. Here's a deep and beautiful swatch:

Unfortunately, this is one where the lights really lightened it up on my lips. 

Yep, a lot darker and more brown than my normal comfort zone.

The final lipstick is Hudson.

According to Ulta, this is "deep peach". I'm not sure if I agree with that entirely- it's more of a brown nude to me.

I guess I see peach as more of a spring color, an orange. This is straight up nude to me.

But a wearable nude.

Now that we've talked about all of the shades individually, I'll show a group swatch and let's talk about my overall thoughts.

Take a good look at those shades. I like them and find this to be really well curated set. I think its release in October is spot-on.

Is this Holiday? Hell no.

I see Fall. Specifically, I see November. I see leaves and Thanksgiving dinner and everything else. If ABH wanted a true giftable set, I'd like to see classic red, classic nude, and a vampy shade. That's holiday.

I like this formula- but only with the ABH lip primer. Otherwise it kills my sensitive lips (but that's normal for all but the bareMinerals liquid lipsticks). These last most of the day for me, and I think these are a great value. I know this is allegedly a giftable holiday set, but I'd recommend buying and loving right now. I just don't see these colors as being as perfect in late December-January. This is a great way to sample the formula with a trio is very wearable shades.