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Rocksbox: My Honest, Totally Unsponsored and Unedited Thoughts (Part 1)

Caveat: Unlike most blogger reviews of Rocksbox, I was not gifted free service in exchange for this review. I am not an official "It Girl" for Rocksbox, nor do they know that I am a blogger and that I'd be writing this. I'm here to give my 100% honest, unsponsored, and unedited thoughts- or, the good, bad, and ugly. All thoughts and opinions are mine and based 100% on my experience with the service. Any credits I received were because of multiple customer service issues and not in exchange for this post.

What is it? Rocksbox is a monthly jewelry rental service similar to Netflix, Gwynnie Bee, etc. For $19 per month (first month free with code laurasbff28- I do encourage everyone to at least give this a try for the free month- and if you want to, it would be awesome if you'd use my personal code if you read this post since it would help me get more jewelry and save some money for makeup!), you get a box containing 3 items pulled for you by a stylist. They work with brands like Kendra Scott, Gorjana, House of Harlow, Loren Hope, and others.

Here's what the box looks like:

For a glimpse at the little jewelry box, check out the first few seconds of this video on Instagram.

Inside of each box, you receive a personal note from your stylist as well as the details on your items. You'll get the retail and insider's price (usually 20% off) if you can't bear to send it back. It's designed to work as follows: wear, send back with the prepaid label (under the jewelry- don't throw out your bag!), leave feedback, and your next box will be on its way ASAP. They ship from OH, and changed from UPS SurePost to USPS First Class since I started my subscription (huuuuge upgrade). Notice I said designed. I'll get back to that. You have unlimited exchanges per month for that flat $19 fee (first month free with laurasbff28).

Purchasing Items: You receive a 20%ish discount off the top in your insider price on every single item. You also get $10 in credit each month to apply to a purchase, and there's an additional $10 discount if you buy your whole set.

I have such mixed feelings- at first it was all sunshine, kittens, and running through fields of daisies. I've had a series of less-than-satisfying experiences as of late that center around 2 things: the rotation of stylists and customer service. One of these was solved promptly (yay Rocksbox) and the other is apparently solved by Rocksbox to their satisfaction even though I, as the consumer, remain quite unhappy (and has dramatically changed the tone of this review).

The Jewelry: I've loved (and kept) a sick percentage of my items, but my subscription happened to start around the time that I first discovered Kendra Scott's designs. (Looooove her). These pieces are all in good condition, and I've yet to discover a major flaw in any piece that I've received.

The Styling: Unlike other styled boxes, there's no styling fee. However, you won't necessarily get the same stylist more than once- and they tend to read feedback to varying detail. That was a major issue with one of my boxes- and in response to my unhappiness (and the fact that the stylist blatantly didn't read prior feedback and sent me an item I told them that I owned!) I've been given a permanent stylist. She's awesome, and my subsequent issues with the service are 0% due to her. She's the only one in the chain that's been reliable and 100% responsive to my thoughts and wishes.

QBB tip: Take the initial style survey seriously. Leave loads of detailed feedback. If your stylist is paying attention, they'll get to know you and your style. Don't be afraid to offend someone- be polite but honest. Also, don't be afraid to request specific items. I do it a lot- if you want to try something in particular, do it. And if something doesn't work for you (here's a perfect example- I knew Kendra Scott Danielle earrings would be too big for me so I said nothing Kendra larger than an Alex or Elle; I received a pair of Skylars in a huge screw-up-more later on that- and I made sure to note that they actually hurt me in the feedback so I don't think I'll get anything that large in the future) tell them not only that it didn't work- but why.  Same thing goes in reverse- if something is a favored style, explain why you love it and why it works. It will help your stylist.

I know most people are interested in what actual sets look like, so here's a peek into my prior boxes.

Box #1 (First box- no input from me):

Sophie Harper Pave Circle Bracelet:
QBB Says: I think my actual feedback was something along the lines of "too small for my wrists and generally meh". If you're really into understated pieces, it's a nice, simple bracelet.

Elise M Emily Earrings in Turquoise:

QBB Says: I actually bought these because they were totally out of my comfort zone (I usually like polished stones aside from Kendra Scott's drusy pieces) but they're in my wheelhouse in terms of style and size. I thought they'd make a great piece to liven up a summer outfit in my office, which is quite conservative.

Action Shot:

Kendra Scott Annika Necklace in Ivory Pearl:

QBB Says: I'm a dummy and sent this back because the pendant was flopping around and annoying me. Little did I know that Kendra Scott makes the answer to this problem and it retails for a mere (): necklace extenders. I actually own one of the Variegated Teal Annikas now and love it! I put this back on my wishlist to try to get it in the future.

Action Shot:

My overall take: Good first attempt on a box. Close but not quite right. I requested a Kendra Scott Rayne because I was going on a trip and was looking for a set that was sorta boho but office-appropriate. I also mentioned that I had recently discovered Kendra Scott's designs. Note the impact of the specific feedback.

Box #2 (The Start of a Bad Habit):

My second box was styled by a different stylist, who I came to adore because she nailed this box straight out of the gates. It also showed that being specific is a key to getting a box you love.

Kendra Scott Dee Earrings in Slate:

QBB Says: I purchased these and love them. They're perfect for my office, and worked wonders with the set that my stylist created.

Kendra Scott Kiri Necklace in Slate:

QBB Says: I purchased this one too, and love this little guy. She listened to my needs for work-friendly pieces- and believe it or not these Slate pieces worked amazingly with a dress I got from Gwynnie Bee (ok, it's not mine yet but I'm waiting their crazy prices out!).

Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace in Amethyst:

QBB Says: Ohhhh I almost wish I'd never asked for this, because I fell head over heels for this style (and this light stone) at first wear. So much so that I literally found a different way to wear my work ID just so I could wear my Raynes during the week. Yes, plural. This was the start of a sick, sick obsession. Love. Here are some action shots of it:

My overall take: She crawled into my brain and into my closet. Boom. In LOVE. I decided to take a stab at fall with my next box and mentioned the following colors: grey, blush, rose gold, navy, burgundy, olive.

Box #3 (One possible regret):

I got the same stylist as box #2 and she nailed it yet again. I wish I'd redone my work ID situation because this would've been a total keeper as well. Again, note the way my feedback was used to come up with a box that I loved. The stylists do generally listen- as long as you keep working with the same one!

Kendra Scott Addie Earrings in Gold/Rose Gold:

QBB Says: OK, it was a pair of all-gold Addies that made me a Kendra fan in the first place so these were a no-brainer keep. I think I even purchased them before they arrived!

Kendra Scott Katelyn Earrings in Rose Gold/Granite:

QBB Says: Hello,it's clear that my stylist had my back and was listening to my comments. I purchased these.

Kendra Scott Kimmy Necklace in Gray Granite:

QBB Says: Due to my work ID situation and the fact that I generally don't like large arrowheads, I sent this back.  Having changed the work ID situation, I really regret it since it's such a unique piece.

I told my stylist that I bought the shorter Etta in place of this in the feedback 2x and mentioned I was only looking for the bracelet to match if they had it. I carried this same feedback through the next box.  This becomes a point to which we'll return later.

Overall thoughts: Look what happens when a stylist listens to you. For my next box (still madly in love), I asked for basics to add to a wardrobe. I specifically mentioned Kendra Scott Elisa necklace and iridescent drusy.

Box #4 (The Last Box of my Rocksbox Honeymoon):

Again, my stylist (same as had done the past 2 boxes) nailed it.

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Iridescent Drusy:

QBB Says: Ask and ye shall receive. I purchased this (and everything else in this box- making this a total of 8 of 9 pieces I purchased that this stylist pulled for me). It just works and it's perfect for my needs. I wore this to a high-pressure meeting and loved it.

Kendra Scott Lee Earrings in Iridescent Drusy:

QBB Says: These dainty little guys are perfect for the conservative workplace. I love them.

Kendra Scott Elisa Necklace in Black:

QBB Says: OK, this isn't a full set but this was exactly what I asked for- several basic, staple pieces. My stylist killed it with this box.

Given that this was the end of the awesome run of boxes that I had, I'm going to break here. I will note that here's how I left it with my stylist- I love everything, I've been wearing the Addies that you sent a lot, I'm loving my other goldstone pieces I bought on my own. I'm loving rose gold and warm tones since they suit me, and I'd love to try Elles in a deep shade since I like Alexes.

Due to the length of this, I'll stop here and post part II later today, with a few more pictures.

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