Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Project Use them ALL Intro

From time to time, I find myself craving a makeup challenge- although I loathe overly restrictive ones. So, I think it's time to challenge myself once again to pull out palettes that are currently languishing in my Alex 9 Drawers.

About mid-May, I suddenly got the urge to start using all of my palettes again. That's where this project (Project Use them ALL) was born. I own way too much makeup for one person, and I'd like to really get to know what's in my collection.

Tomorrow the link for the official page tracking my progress will be live. As will some pictures to give you an idea what I'm working with!

Here's a peek into one of my now unorganized Alex  9 Drawer units with palettes that I need to use.

Yes, those are palettes without a home off to the side! It's in my best interest to get cracking on using these.

I'll post eye/face looks from time to time on my Instagram (@quirkybusyandbeautiful), so take a look.

For example, this is today's look!

I look forward to making my way through more than 150 palettes by 31 December. I hope you'll stick around for the ride with me.

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