Saturday, May 27, 2017

Welcome Back....

I've been thinking about doing this for awhile, but this is the right time. I miss being able to write about items I'm testing out and sharing my opinions with the world. I don't miss feeling like there's a race to review, and I'm ok with being just me.

With that said, I'm going to start posting again. No, not every day. There will be different posts- empties, challenges, efforts to reduce the size of my collection. But Sunday Dreaming will be back.

I will be posting two of my ongoing projects in the coming days- Project Use them ALL and my Mission: 1000. I've been working on one for the past two weeks and the other since Jan 1. In the coming weeks, I hope to also share the items I'm working on using up this year. I've made some really great progress, including hitting pan on every pan of a 12-pan palette already!

So, here's to dipping my toes in.

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