Sunday, October 2, 2016

Makeup Allergies, and a Plea for Help!

Important November 2017 update: Most of the comments have been from people who have had Shape Tape issues. I have positively ruled that out as the cause of this issue for me. I'm sorry that so many have had issues with the product, but this is NOT a post about Tarte Shape Tape causing issues for me.

It has to do with lashes and lash glue. Trust me on that. I could put Shape Tape on my lid right now and not react (I've tested that theory); it's lashes (not 100% sterilized) and lash glues with latex, formaldehyde, and other nasty ingredients.

Warning: Less than Pleasant Images Ahead

I need your help! 

I've developed a sudden allergy to something that has literally cost me multiple days of work and my eyelids peeling. (Ewwww.)

Until the past month, I only once had a makeup allergy. The Tom Ford cream eyeshadows made my eyelids burn, so I immediately removed it and sadly passed it on. I tend to shy away from a lot of cream shadows as a result.

More forward to mid-September, 2016. After playing with some fun new makeup, I woke up with my eyes swollen shut.

These photos were taken on Day #2, after I seriously attacked it with antihistamines, topical creams, etc.

Day #3, the peeling took over.

I'm still not sure what caused it since I was playing with new makeup, but I had a few suspects given the location of the most inflammation:

  • Concealer- I don't normally bring it onto my lids  (Tarte Shape Tape)
  • Eyeshadow Base- I used a new one (NYX Milk Eyeshadow Stick)
  • Eyeshadow (but I used that several days prior without issues) (Urban Decay Electric Palette- the greens)
  • Eyeliner- I was trying a new one (Revlon ColorStay Gel Eyeliner in Blue)
  • False Lash Adhesive- but it was the same one I've been using for close to a year (Duo)
  • False Lashes themselves (contact allergy? I dunno) (Ardells)

It took about 5 days to be back to normal.

I swore never to use NYX pencils on my eyes again, banished the eyeliner, and bought a latex-free lash adhesive. I was just starting to feel better about life until this afternoon.

I was playing with the new Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics and was loving my look:

Everything was all cool. I was loving the Rebel Eyes trend and was already dreaming of a terracotta look for Monday.

About an hour later, I decided to try to add some lashes to pump it up.

Probably 30 min later, I realized my eyes were burning, so I rapidly removed my eye makeup and discovered this:

It was mostly my right eye but both eyes are impacted (as evidenced by the hurt). The shiny nature is some ointment that I already put on it. I know my brows are all over the place, but that's beyond the point of this.

What the heck?!?!?!?!

Here's the list of products I used:

  • Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape
  • Eye Primer: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
  • Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics- Extra Bitter
  • Eyeliner: None
  • Lash Adhesive: Revlon Lash Adhesive (latex-free)
  • Eyelashes: Andrea #45s
I'm heartbroken. And now I want to know WTF is causing this!

Here are the only commonalities.

1. Urban Decay eyeshadows
     Mitigation: I've worn them for years without issues. It was a green look the first time, so it's not a red dye issue. That was a thought of mine.
2. False Lashes
     Mitigation: I wore lashes from January-September almost every day
3. Lash Adhesive
    It's not Latex. I'm wondering if there's another ingredient that's triggering this.
4. Concealer
     I don't have any reaction to it anywhere else....

I'm at a loss. I'm also changing jobs soon so I don't want to look like this all the time. So I could really use your help!!!!!!!!

Has anyone else ever run into something like this? If so, what was it? Please shoot me an email- it's quirkybusyandbeautiful (at) gmail (dot) com! Or leave a comment. I'm desperate to figure this out. I don't want to think that I have to give up on makeup. I adored the look I was playing with, but I've ended up with the same reaction.

I'm wondering if it's lash adhesive or the lashes primarily. I ruled out latex, but I wonder if there's something in both Duo and Revlon adhesives that's also in the Tom Ford cream shadows.



  1. How awful. You should test each of the products you used when you had the reaction on your inner arm. Possibly you can figure out which one/ones caused the reaction.

    Also, in addition to a hydrocortisone cream (use only 2x per day) you could try eyedrops that contain antihistimines such as Naphcon-A. It works great for itchy eyes from pollen or pet dander. You probably should talk with your doctor if this happens again.

  2. I have been looking to see if anyone complained about Tarte shape tape. I put that on my face only in certain areas to cover dark spots and the next day I had a rash in those spots. The rash itched like hell. I tried over the counter treatments and nothing helped. I was at work the 3rd day with this rash and had to leave to go to my dermatologist the itching was terrible. I have a prescription topical gel that's working now. I know for a fact it was the shape tape because I applied nothing else on my face and it was only in those areas I applied it.

  3. Same here with the shape tape. I got a red raw burning feeling after using it on my eye lids after a few days of use. I love using it all over my face but now avoid my lid area where the skin is most delicate.

  4. I used the shape tape for my under eyes and had itchy burning eyes as well!

  5. Same here!!! I was looking if someone had this reaction to tarte shape tape on their lid!
    I have suspected it to make my lids swallow and itchi and now im pretty sure...that's a bummer!!

  6. I'm so sorry everyone's having issues with the Shape Tape... after another year of using it, I can eliminate it as the culprit. In my case, I think it was likely a combination of the Urban Decay primer (I just can't with most of their primers these days) and the lashes/lash glue.

    PSA: Most lash glues have Formaldehyde in them.

  7. I developed a terrible rash all over my face after a month of using Shape Tape. I cannot think of anything else for a culprit. My whole face and eyes burn and itch, swollen too. It's been a week since it started 😥


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