Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sunday Dreaming

It's been a long, long time since I've done one of these. Since I just bought a ton of makeup, there's not a lot that I've got my eye on, beauty-wise. But here's what I'm dreaming of:

1. Alexis Bittar Lucite Neo Bohemian Hinged Bangle ($130)

Let's talk jewelry for a minute here, okay? I'm obsessing over Alexis Bittar's designs as of late, but I've always loved his work with Lucite bangles. This is one of my favorite styles, and I already own it in multiple colors. This Fluorescent Melon shade is perfect for spring- and is making my heart sing. I may have to pick it up for a treat one of these days soon!

2. NARS Spring 2016 Color Collection

It's just a matter of days until NARS' Spring 2016 collection launches beyond the brand's website and Barney's New York. I have my eye on several key pieces- minty Dual Intensity eyeshadow Tavros and Impassioned blush among them.

3. Chanel Angled Powder Brush #2 ($60)

This was also promoted with the Chanel collection that I purchased, but I've been buying so many brushes that I couldn't pick it up right away. I've been looking for a large angled brush and really want to play with this one. I love the one Chanel brush that I have (#4), so I think #2 may be joining it very soon.

I'm working on a massive post recapping the new Les Sautoirs de Coco Collection and hope to get the first half of that up later today.

What are you dreaming about on this Sunday?

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