Saturday, January 30, 2016

#TreatYourself, or Never Go Shopping Exhausted

I promised big changes were ahead. Well, here I have the in-store part of yesterday's haul and a funny story for you.

I went out to nab a new camera (check, learning to use it and figuring out my lighting right now). I also noticed that the new Chanel La Perle collection had made it to my local Nordstrom. Having resigned myself to skipping, I still took a peek.

Skipping didn't happen; I bought essentially the whole collection. Swatching and photographing that it my number one priority right now since it's still relatively new.

Bottom line: never go shopping exhausted or "#TreatYourself" becomes  "the heck with it, buy it all, you can afford it."

Lots of goodies to come, including Chanel La Perle, Chanel Spring (I picked up the delayed quad the other day), Lancome Spring, YSL Spring, MAC Flamingo Flock, Charlotte Tilbury, and more...

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