Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get Social with QBB!

Since I'm probably about 4 weeks from having a functioning computer again, I think I've found a solution to keep sharing my quirky, busy, and beautiful thoughts with my loyal blog readers without spending extra money on a crap laptop to bridge the gap. (It turns out that I loathe Windows 8 with a passion and don't want it in my house. Period.)  QBB is going social!

While I can't edit photos on an iPad mini, I can certainly post to Instagram!  Check me out on Instagram, user name quirkybusyandbeautiful, for on-the-fly thoughts and photos.

Likewise, I created a QBB Pintrest account.  I'm admittedly a Pintrest novice, so bear with me.  I see that as more an insight into my muddled mind.

There are already posts/boards on both accounts, so please feel free to join the fun.  Your little QBB is going social!

Please note: I'll edit links into the post once I actually have the real Blogger editor again. There's no apparent way to embed links with the mobile app.

If anyone has figured out ways around the basic text editor in the Blogger app, please let me know!

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