Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Dreaming

Why yes, Sunday Dreaming is back! This is one of the posts that I can publish without all of my swatch photos, and do way ahead of time.  I've missed blogging more than I thought I would.

1. 13" MacBook Pro ($1199)

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This is by far and away my top beauty and everything else want. Plus, it's just appropriate with this blog lately to put this front and center!

2. Burberry Summer Showers Nail Collection ($21 each)
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I've been wanting to give Burberry nail polish yet another shot, and the Summer Showers Collection seems to be just right. There are three bright, saturated creme shades (Orange Poppy, Pink Peony (pictured), Pink Azalea) that seem perfect for summer.

3. Burberry Fresh Glow Blush ($38)

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The Burberry Summer Showers collection is just brilliant and innovative. Like other lines, Burberry has ventured into sheer, stick blushes.  Pink Peony (pictured) was my first inclination, but I suspect that Orange Poppy will also flatter my complexion.

4. Burberry Fresh Glow Lip Balm ($28)

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Confession: I purchased Orange Poppy as soon as it launched on Burberry, but I've been holding off on the other shades until I get my laptop. These are super sheer, but hydrating. I'm more interested in Pink Azalea than Pink Poppy (pictured), but will likely purchase the entire collection.

That's a very short list for Sunday Dreaming this week, but among the first items I'm likely to be purchasing soon.  With lots of new collections, what are you dreaming about?

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