Friday, June 6, 2014

Spotted: Incredible Beauty Deals

Now that I'm closing in on my final few completed NOTD posts, I'll start supplementing with a handful of posts that I miraculously had already edited and uploaded posts for. As I mentioned previously, it's not text that's an issue; the Blogger App  doesn't work well with embedded hyperlinks and I lack a photo editing program.  

I've been out and about more these past few days, and I have some insane deals to share with you.

It's my favorite sale (which won't be back until November, per associates I spoke to today in-store): Lord and Taylor Friends and Family. What makes L&T's sale so much better than Macy's F&F (also going on right now) is that on top of the 25% off on almost everything in the sale, it's 10% off all cosmetics.  You can buy online, or you can purchase in-store.  As for me, every time there's a L&T F&F, I have a single destination: Chanel.  Yes, you can even get 10% off Chanel. (And I purchased a few items, although my spending was very constrained since I'm saving for that laptop.)

As a result of the  L&T sale, Nordstrom is price-matching on their website. There are close to 2000 items currently listed at 10% off.  I'm not sure how much the stores are participating, but it's easy enough to use the buy online, pick up in store feature (and you can get ebates that way, too). This includes brands that I haven't seen in-store at L&T, like Nars.

Ulta has an insane in-store deal on selected Butter London polishes.  About 15 older shades are all priced at $8 each- totally worth the trip. And while you're there, the Philosophy GWP is awesome right now.

Don't forget your local drugstores for some insane deals. Rite Aid has a lot of 75% off clearance right now. I spotted some leftover colored Great Lash mascaras (great to see if pink works for me prior to investing in Dior at $1.99!).  Incredibly, I actually nabbed an Essie polish for $2.15.  It's worth your time.  CVS also has lots of beauty items at 50% off right now. I also noticed a fantastic trend- lots of trial-sized items. One of note that I picked up to try is the Jergens BB cream for body. For $2.99, I'll give it a shot!

Conversely, I stopped by Neiman Marcus today and wasn't impressed by the Camp Gorgeous tote. If you need $100 worth of product, it's a nice bonus.  However, I wouldn't go out of my way just to get the tote.

While I was out bargain shopping, I came to a conclusion about my computer plans. Instead of getting a cheap laptop to get back on the blog full-time today, I spent that money on something I'll love for far longer (dear Microsoft: My utter revulsion at Windows 8 helped to make this decision easy.): another Michael Kors Hamilton. My new tenative return to real blogging is three weeks from today.

That doesn't mean you have to go without your daily dose of QBB! I'm loving Instagram- follow me @quirkybusybeauty. I've been posting hauls, looks of the day, inspiration, and other photos. I'll be contuining my activity on there even after I get a new laptop.

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