Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NOTD: Sephora Sky Diving

Today's NOTD is a shade that I would wager most people have wandered by several times. Sephora Sky Diving is a bright cornflower blue creme with exceptional formula. For those who aren't familiar with these polishes, they're tucked in with the regular Sephora Collection items and retail for $5/0.16fl oz.

Sky Diving didn't require a white base coat; there are 3 coat plus Butter London Hardware on my nails in this shot.  I find this line a great way to grab colors I have a one or two-time wish to try out.


  1. Lovely colour. I notice you often mention Butter London Hardware. Would you consider posting on review of topcoats. My current fave is Dior Gel but it is expensive and runs out very quickly - I have only used a handful of times and half way through bottle! Susan, London

  2. I do ftalk about Butter London Hardware because it's my current topcoat of choice. Once I get a new computer, I'll gladly work on a topcoat comparison/overview post.-QBB


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