Thursday, March 3, 2016

Deborah Lippmann Sweets for my Sweet Set

While browsing recently at Nordstrom, I stumbled upon this newly-released set of six pastel Deborah Lippmann minis.  The Sweets for my Sweet nail set retails for $34.

I love that the box screams the Pantone colors of the year. So far this is the best presentation that I've seen.  While not the most creative set in concept, this set delivers in terms of formula and overall performance. I have tried quite a few pastel polishes over time and was blown away by these. Please forgive the rather short reviews, but really... these are colors we've seen before. They're just packaged in a cute set at a fabulous price and come in one of the better formulas I've seen.

Sugar Sugar is the light apricot shade of the group. I'm normally a bit hesitant about these shades against my NW15 skin.

Formula is outstanding. There's only 2 coats on my nails here, and it looks surprisingly awesome. I'll be coming back to this shade as spring actually shows up around here.

Lemon Drop is a cool-leaning yellow creme.  Again, formula is outstanding. If we're talking shades that make me cringe, yellow nails are at the top. With such pronounced pink undertones, I normally cannot do yellow. It makes me look sick.

Hmm, look at that. Deborah Lippmann may have found my perfect pastel yellow! I'm not sure if I'd try this for the office, but it'd be a cute weekend mani- or part of nail art. A shocking success, and 3 coats on my nails in this photo. You may have noticed that cleanup was more than a little problematic though....

Sweet Pea is the light green shade in the set. It's got more yellow in it than most of the mints that we've seen as of yet, but it's not as yellow as something like Essie My Prerogative. Deborah Lippmann does greens well- see Flowers in Her Hair (which is far more blue and darker).

Like the others, it's a great formula. There are 3 thin coats on my nails here, and I love the result.

My Boy Lollipop is the light blue that's close to the Pantone Color of the Year. One of my favorite light blues is Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear it for the Boy, so I had high expectations. Luckily, My Boy Lollipop delivered.

Two coats here on my nails- wow!  This one performed like a dream and also had the same great formula. So far, we're 4/4 in this set. At this point, I'd call it a winner.

All Day Sucker is the shade that I wanted to put on my nails first. You all know that I'm a true sucker (pun intended) for purple nail polishes, preferably of the pastel variety. I have at least 3 other Deborah Lippmann pastel purples/lilacs/violets, so I had a high bar set for All Day Sucker.

I have mixed feelings. I love the color, the formula was awesome, and there are three thin coats on my nails here. You'd think I'd be in heaven, right?  Tell me if I'm crazy, but I'm not thrilled with how it clashes with my skintone. Am I seeing things?

Candy Girl is the light pink of the group. Even though I hadn't had any problems with formula until now, I was holding my breath since light pinks tend to be problematic. Turns out, I was crazy.

Three coats of an awesome formula on my nails here. Deborah Lippmann nailed the COTY here.

Bottom Line: This is an awesome mini nail polish set. I really recommend this for yourself or as a springtime gift. It's not often that you can get 6 seasonal shades of high-performing nail polishes for $34. Just do it, you won't regret it.

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