Friday, March 4, 2016

Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo Message, Script, and Roman

I was all over half of Chanel's recently-released collection in my series of posts in which I detailed all of Chanel's new nail releases. What I failed to talk about was the new lip formula- the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo.Why?

I wanted to really wait and test out a few shades before giving my impressions. I have played with three shades- Message, Script, and Roman.

First, I'll start with Message, the shade I tested at the counter. Here's a photo that I posted at the bottom of one of my nail posts:

This is the shade that is in all of the promo photos. Message is a lovely berry, but I was severely disappointed with the wear-time. That left me determined to try several other shades.

Enter Script.

Script is a rosy brown nude, otherwise known as a color you wouldn't think that I would pick up.

One of the reasons why I picked this shade is because I can always use another wearable nude. It works well on my pigmented lips and calmed down a few crazier makeup days (Example 1: MAC Grain e/s to eye, Tom Ford Crushed Indigo duo (left) inner eye area highlight, MAC Creme de Violet in crease, MAC Tilt on lid (inner 1/3), MAC Silver Ring on lid (outer 2/3), MAC Knight Divine (outer edges, blended as transition).)

What I found is that although it pulled a little warm nude for my tastes, it kept ending up in my makeup bag. And the more that I played with it over the course of several weeks, the more I liked the formula.

Here's Script on my lips:

A pretty nude, right?

Now that we've got that covered, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo as a product and its packaging.

We've seen click lipsticks like this before, right? Oh, that's right. I reviewed a similar product from Dior on the blog about 2 years ago.

Here's a side by side to show the size difference between a Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo, a Chanel Stylo Yeux eyeshadow, and a Dior Serum de Rouge.

One thing that I think that the Rouge Coco Stylo does the best is that the color, its name, number, and a reasonable representation of the lip color are at the bottom of the packaging. It makes it so easy to distinguish between shades if you have more than one. A+ on that.

Now, on to Roman.

Roman is the antithesis to low-key Script, so I had to have it.

Roman is a warm-toned raspberry pink that screams hot juiciness.  I love it. It's the type of color I normally gravitate towards.

I love that this shade fades gracefully, leaving a pleasant stain afterwards. I'm not sure if the wear time really is slightly less than Script, or if it's because Script is closer to a natural lip tone than Roman.

Here's a hand swatch of both together:

Between these two, I have a great range of lip colors covered.

Bottom line: If you're looking for a hydrating, balm-like lipstick with good coverage, check out this new offering from Chanel. I found that using a transparent lipliner helped a lot with such a emollient formula. Chanel has curated a great collection- there's everything from the rosy nude to the hottest raspberry pink. Originally, I was hesitant about the collection. Now, I'm a convert.

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