Sunday, October 12, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis Sweet Star- 2014 Vogue FNO

I'll be the first to admit that I'm lagging behind lately on blog posts. Real life has gotten in the way.

I hope that some of my posts to come will more than make up for it. First up, Chanel Le Vernis in Sweet Star.

Let's take a moment to stare at the glorious shimmer swirling around in that bottle. This is one of the most limited releases that I've seen from Chanel as of late. Select Neiman Marcus stores received extremely limited quantities (5 or less) bottles of this, and I was able to nab one. I don't have any information on upcoming releases or any insider information. I was just lucky enough to find this stunning shade.

Sweet Star is the star (no pun intended) of the Vogue Fashion Night Out collection. There are also 3 eyeliners, although I passed.

Sweet Star is a multi-chrome chameleon. Here's the same bottle, inside.

And 3 coats, on my nails:

Sweet Star is the most complex and beautiful polish I've ever owned, and my collection is roughly around 1,000 bottles at this point. Inside, it looks almost greenish grey- like Black Pearl's much lighter cousin. Outside, I see flashes of purple, gold, and blue!

Here's another shot, outside, cool light, not in the direct sun:

It almost looks like a molten metallic here.

It's in the sun where Sweet Star really dances and comes to life:

I could stare at this shade all day and night. Sweet Star has the same Chanel wand:

Again- look at how different the shade looks on my thumb there!  I'll conclude the photo posts with this shot:

Just look at the bottle- it's incredible.  I wouldn't call this a duochrome- it's a multi-chrome. It's the most impressive of all of the Chanels that I own, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. Keep your eyes peeled for any other releases of this shade- I may try to get a backup. It's that good.

In most cases, Sweet Star appears to be grey, and is completely appropriate in all situations. I wore it for three days straight, which is unreal for me. I love it. I hope that you enjoy all of the photos- and that you're able to find your own Sweet Star in the future!

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