Friday, October 3, 2014

Jason Wu for Lancome Mini Precision Cheek Brush

Today marks the end of my little string of Lancome reviews. I fully anticipate my next ones will be the next group of Lip Lovers that I have purchased.

I fell in love with the Jason Wu for Lancome Mini Precision Cheek Brush ($20). Why? I'm a sucker for mini brushes that perform like their full-sized counterparts but can live comfortably in any makeup bag.

I know I'm a bit slow on this review, but I like to give all brushes a real test before I review them.

The Mini Precision Cheek Brush is the travel version of the Lancome Precision Cheek Brush #7.  I've found the mini to be perfectly sized for any makeup bag, and use it for both blush touch-ups and for all-over powder touch-ups. I actually prefer it for all-over powder because the bristles are so tightly packed. When I tested this with a number of blushes, I had a hard time not picking up too much powder.

This item sold quickly online, but I noticed it at a few counters over the past couple of weeks.

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