Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dior Vernis #206 Pied de Poule

It all started innocently enough with a request from my boss for me to attend a meeting. Soon enough, I learned that the meeting would include upper management.  Looking at my mani of Tom Ford Black Cherry, I suddenly felt the need to buy the most neutral polish I knew of on the market right now. Shortly after work that very day, I brought home Dior's Pied de Poule.

I'm not exactly sure what the official color description is for Pied de Poule, but I'd call it a taupey greige. It's a brown, but has a healthy dose of grey in it.  Pied de Poule is new for Fall 2014, and not my normal cup of tea. Actually, it sort of reminds me of a very light chai latte if I'm being honest.

Pied de Poule is as appropriate for the office as my bright lime and sunflower yellow polishes are not. It's soft, sophisticated, and unabashedly neutral. I could call it slightly boring, but it's just what I needed to cleanse the palette and be totally appropriate.

I have three coats plus a topcoat on my nails in this shot. Sorry for the strange little box, but those darned Dior caps are like mirrors!

That meeting, by the way? I aced it.  Thanks, Pied de Poule!

And I liked it so much that I fixed the one chipped nail and took it for a second spin for another seriously important career meeting. As we all know, I'm not exactly monogamous with my nail polish.

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