Saturday, October 4, 2014

Burberry Nail Lacquers in Antique Gold & Dark Bottle Green

Today I have a double dose of nail goodness for your Saturday morning pleasure. I haven't been doing as many nail posts lately simply because I have a number of LE Fall items to get reviews out on ASAP.

Burberry's Fall 2014 color collection included six total nail shades. Of those, one (Oxblood), has made two prior appearances on this blog. I chose two of the five new shades, passing on Elderberry because I've bought so many dark purples as of late, Ink Blue because I have multiple dark blues, and Teal Blue because of the warnings from amazing blogger Color Me Loud who ran into formula and staining issues (seriously, go check out her swatches. Amazing!).

That left me with two new loves: Antique Gold (#445) and Dark Bottle Green (#423). Both retail for $22, which is somewhat affordable compared to Dior, Chanel, and Tom Ford. I've made it a point to seek out varying formulas and colors from Burberry. Their formula has come a long way since I bemoaned it with Oxblood.

First up, Antique Gold. I actually pre-ordered (and subsequently cancelled) this from Saks. It's a thin, metallic formula, but self-levels well. That huge dent visible on my nail is actually my current nailbed. If I had longer nails, I'd have cut it off.

A metallic formula is by its very nature less forgiving than my usual cremes. That is three thin coats, and NO topcoat on my nails here. I'll admit to a quick swatch 'n run with these shades because I wanted to get through my fall picks. I honestly don't have anything quite like the brassy (in a good way) Antique Gold. I can see myself wearing this a lot when it gets just a bit cooler. I can still get away without a coat most days, so I'm not in the mood for this yet.

And then there's Dark Bottle Green. My swatches look much darker than the promo photos, but my swatches aren't in the sun or in direct light. I have three coats, no topcoat on my nails here.

I didn't do the best cleanup job here; my apologies. In my defense, I was running out of natural light and needed to get this swatch completed since my bosses likely would've made the "smelly diaper face" when confronted with green nails in a conservative workplace. (For the record, the only dark green I've smuggled through the workplace is Chanel Mysterious, which could pass for something other than green in many lights.)

I don't have a comparison swatch, but when I brought this home I immediately thought of Button London British Racing Green. The Butter London shade is about 1/8-1/4 shade lighter, with a pronounced silver shimmer giving it a lighter appearance. I'd call them fraternal twinsies. If you have one, the other isn't necessarily required.

I didn't get a chance to try these out for wear time, but I've been getting 1-2 days out of Burberry polishes as of late.  I really find these shades to be a great addition to the line, and highly recommend them for fall.

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