Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dior Serum de Rouge- Rosewood Serum 740

I guess it's a week of Rosewood!  I brought you Burberry Beauty Sheer Eyeshadow in Rosewood earlier this week, and I've got another Rosewood-hued product to discuss today.

I stumbled into Dior Serum de Rouge somewhat accidentally.  While searching for the Dior Diva rewards for 2014 (which I submitted receipts for and will let you all see what they are when I receive them), I discovered that Dior Serum de Rouge in Rosewood Serum (#740) was a prior year reward- and subsequently started investigating this formula.

Dior Serum de Rouge isn't shaped quite like your average lipstick or lipgloss.  It's a thin tube with the same pattern on the outside as on the Rouge Dior lipsticks.  The applicator is much smaller than most lipsticks:

You get color by turning the bottom section. However, beware! Once twisted, there's no way to push the color back in the tube. It's a major design flaw, in my opinion.

Rosewood is a lovely pink.  Here it is, with flash:

This is truly a MLBB color on just about everyone- including me.  This is a great color just to throw in your bag to have as a backup throughout the day, due to the formula.  Rosewood is a mid-toned rosy pink that I've seen on just about every skintone.  If you're going to try just one shade of Serum de Rouge, this is a can't miss.

This color is a true neutral pink.  Here's the same swatch in a few different light conditions:

Outside, no flash:

Outside, with flash:

Inside, no flash:

Inside, with flash:

Honestly, the inside with flash shows the shine the best and is closest to the color.  I've gotten a lot of use out of this somewhat impulse purchase (I can justify almost any purchase by thinking "well, I'll just blog about it...").  It's now become a true staple.

Yes, the color is pretty. But what makes this so magical? It's the formula.  Like the name implies, this is also a conditioning serum. This is the first lipstick I've tried that leaves my lips more moisturized, even when I was testing it on some of the coldest days in decades!  The formula alone makes this worth seeking out.  It nourishes and moisturizes while imparting color that lasts about 4 hours on me.  This is truly a HG formula for me.

Serum de Rouge retails for $34 and is available at Dior counters.

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