Monday, August 7, 2017

NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss

I wanted to take a quick moment before summer was over to bring everyone's attention to a relatively new release from NYX that's perfect for this time of year.

Want that dewy, glossy look? Want to look like you've been in a tropical location? Don't want to spend a lot?

Meet NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss.

Retailing at a mere $9, NYX Dose of Dew Face Gloss has been one of my go-tos off-camera for quite awhile. Even when I don't pull it into my everyday makeup drawer, it magically migrates there during the week. You guys, it's that good.

Your $9 investment nets a product containing 0.18oz/5.25g in a twist-up tube.

Since I'm notably awful at describing subtle highlighters, let's consult the brand's website for their description.

"Glisten from every angle with Dose of Dew, our new face gloss that creates a soft, pearly glow for a totally mesmerizing glossy effect. Inspired by the new beauty trend of the “wet and glossy face,” this dreamy balm highlighter glides on like silk and sets to a lightweight, dewy finish. In short, it’s the best thing your makeup bag has even seen (and we know it’s seen some good stuff)."

There are a lot of claims in that paragraph!

I'd totally agree with soft and pearly look, wet and glossy. It does apply smoothly and sets after a few minutes. I don't know about it being the best product, but other than that, I totally agree with all of the brand's claims.

Why is this so genius? It's subtle and gorgeous. It reminds me of what people claim the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer to be (I do want that, by the way).

I find this especially easy to apply, and unlike many other balms, it does set down relatively quickly. This is such a natural, flattering luminous glow. I've run out of adjectives, so let me just show you a swatch,

It's just so beautiful on my fair skin. If you're looking for a blingy highlighter, move on by. If you're looking for a natural glow, don't sleep on this one.

Bottom Line: This is my favorite natural balm highlighter currently in my collection. I'm so happy that I checked it out.

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