Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chanel Le Vernis Coup de Coeur (#609)- Collection Variation

Since Chanel was the first to release their Spring 2014 collection (before Christmas!), it's only right that the next mini-collection has hit the streets.  La Collection Variation is focused on the lips, but has one new Le Vernis shade, Coup de Coeur, #609.  I have so many lipsticks and glosses that I passed on the rest of the collection for now, but couldn't resist a new Le Vernis!

Like the rest, Coup de Coeur retails for $27.  I purchased mine online from Nordstrom, but spotted it in-store at Macy's over President's Day weekend.  Side Note: This is becoming a pattern with Chanel, at least in my area. Nordstrom may be the first to have it online, but Macy's is the place to go to see the colors in-store first, it seems.  I haven't seen it on other websites, but look for it in the usual places ASAP.

This baby went right on my nails when I spotted the box on my doorstep.  It's photographed here with 2 coats, no topcoat.  If the light looks a little low, this was completely a "beat sunset" mani.

Coup de Coeur is a rich plum with a hefty dose of red undertones.  It's shockingly similar to Chanel April, and I've tried to capture that in my photos.

Here's the two bottles side by side outside in late afternoon light, no flash:

They're really close, aren't they?  It's even closer on the nails. 

This indoor photo, with flash exaggerates the difference between April and Coup de Coeur. However, it captures the undertones perfectly.

On the nail, in natural light, it's almost impossible to detect a difference. I couldn't find it with my eyes, so I'm not surprised it didn't show up in photographs. Luckily, I labeled this super quick shot for you. I know it's messy, but it's merely to show the colors.

Flash doesn't even help:

Bottom line: Coup de Coeur is a lovely, ladylike color that will go into heavy rotation in my nail polish collection. I've used about 1/8 of my bottle.  If you already own April, you probably don't need Coup de Coeur unless you have an obsessive need like I do to buy all of the Chanel polish!

Pricing/Availability: $27, at Chanel counters.

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