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Dior Spring 2014 Trianon Collection (Part I): Lips and Eyes

Today is the first of two posts of my selections from Dior's Spring 2014 Trianon Collection.  According to Dior, this collection was inspired by Marie Antoinette- think the macaroons scene. Overall, the color story is mostly beautiful pastels, with bright, vivrant pink as an accent.

First, a quick peek at my many purchases from this collection.  I've got eyes, lips, and nails.

Sorry for the dark photo, but I'm trying to make do.  For the sake of post length, I'm going to split this overview into two. Tomorrow, I'll bring you through the 4 nail polishes.


In lieu of the quints (one, a Nordstrom exclusive, one available elsewhere) and the mono matte Diorshow Fusion Mono eyeshadows, my only selection is Rosee, a Nordstrom exclusive.

Rosee (#141), a Nordstrom exclusive, is a light, sparkling lilac shade. It's somewhat sheer but buildable. This requires a primer.  I use the NARS Eye Primer, although Dior has introduced an eye primer with this collection that I'm really anxious to try out.

I had minimal problems with creasing with Rosee after about six hours, which is quite low wear time for a cream like this. However, I find the color light and unique enough to continue to work with.

Here is is, swatched:

Left: one thin coat.  Right: Built up (3 coats)


If there's one thing that I think of when I hear Dior, it's lip products.  With the Trianon Collection, we're treated to two shades of Rouge Dior (Europe/Asia got 4!), two new Addict glosses (Europe/Asia got 4!), and a LE shade of the Lip Glow.  I purchased one of each.

First, the Lip Glow.  This is one of Dior's Hero Products. The regular Lip Glow provides the perfect shade of pink for every woman.  This spring's LE Lip Glow is Coral. I absolutely love it, and wish it were a permanent addition to the line.  It's been a hard item to find since it's such a great idea! I can see this being my go-to in the summer when I don't want a lot on my lips.

Here it is, swatched heavily:

This limited edition version of Lip Glow retails for $32.  I purchased mine from Sephora, but it's also available on Dior's website.

The Trianon Collection also features two limited edition shades of the reformulated Rouge Dior lipsticks.  I almost wish I hadn't looked at international blogs because I wish the US had received all four!  I passed on Allegresse, a vivid fuchsia, simply because I knew I could wear it and had other bright lipsticks in my collection.

I went out on a limb with my selection.  I purchased Rose Crinoline (#531), a beautiful creamy light coral.  It's the lipstick that the model has on in the stunning promo photos.  It's also the harder of the two shades to find in the US.  It's a stretch for me because I have very pigmented lips.  I'm still experimenting with ways to make it work.

Here it is, swatched (with flash):

Formula-wise, it's fantastic.  I've heard Rouge Dior referred to as the BMW of luxury lipstick, and I believe it.  This is such a dreamy color with wonderful formula that I'm happy to mess with concealer on my lips in order to make the color show up. It's a soft, utterly feminine color.

Rouge Dior lipsticks retail for $34.  Rose Crinoline is a limited edition, although it's still available via Dior. I found mine at a local Macy's counter.

To match the two new Rouge Dior shades, Dior has also introduced two new limited edition shades of Dior Addict lipgloss, both retailing at $29.50 and widely available across Dior retailers.  Petillante (#442) and Exquise (#772).  I'll address both below.

To match my Rouge Dior and also because I felt it was the more versatile shade, I purchased Petillante (#442).  It's a lovely light coral, shimmering gloss.  For comparison, it's slightly pinker than Spring Ball.  If you have Spring Ball already, this is similar enough that I feel comfortable advising you to skip it. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the swatches in-store.  However, the Dior SA was even surprised how close the two shades are.

Petillante had standard wear-time for a Dior Addict gloss, 2-3 hours. I like this because I can either wear it as a nude lip or on top of any number of lipsticks as an added umph.

Here it is, swatched alone.  Left- one coat. Right- 2

Just to show how lovely it is with Rose Crinoline, here's a swatch:

Just lovely!  A feminine, peach, shimmering lip perfect for spring.  In terms of Dior's matchy-matchy trend, this goes well with Bouquet.

I promised to address the other Dior Addict gloss, Exquise (#772) earlier.  It's a lovely, sheer hot fuchsia that looks hot and matches Bloom. I wanted to buy it right away, but decided to shop my stash instead.  I came up with a possible substitute- Chanel Glossimer #169- Jalousie, originally released in the Roses Ultimes de Chanel Collection from 2012.  I happened to be going to the mall in order to get my computer fixed, so I stopped by Sephora and swatched a quick comparison. Bottom line: if hot pink gloss is your jam, you'll be able to justify both.  Otherwise, I'd argue that Jalousie is a plausible subsititute.

Left: Exquise  Right: Jalousie

There are slight differences in terms of formula.  Jalousie has more obvious shimmer, whereas Exquise is more of a straight-up clear tinted gloss. Both are amazing, but since I'm trying to fill in holes in my collection these days rather than collect duplicates, it's a pass for me. As a bonus, I've been rocking Jalousie the past couple of days, remembering how much I love it!

I think you can tell why I broke up this overview into two.  Tomorrow, the nails from Dior Spring 2014.

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