Friday, February 21, 2014

Essie Spring 2014 Hide & Go Chic Collection

Today I have my selections from the newly-released Essie Spring 2014 Hide & Go Chic Collection.  I have been eagerly awaiting this collection since I saw a promo image for the collection and immediately went in search of its namesake.

I settled on the set of 4 minis: Hide and Go Chic, Fashion Playground, Romper Room, and Style Hunter.

This set covers the range of the Spring 2014 collection nicely. It's got bold colors, pastels, neutrals, and pop colors. I'm not really sure what the theme is, but there's something for everyone.

Today's post is meant to serve as a quick overview; I'll do full manis and NOTD posts for these shades over the next month or so.

Moving from left to right (and below, pinky-index fingers):

Romper Room is a light candy pink creme.  I found this to have surprisingly good coverage, and achieved full opacity in two coats.  It had a quick drying time, and leveled nicely.

Style Hunter is a pink/red creme that reminds me of Chanel Tapage.  It took two thin coats to cover the nail.

Fashion Playground is a mint creme with hidden silver glitter/shimmer that's present in the bottle but not on the nail, much like some of the recent light blues in recent collections. It only took two coats to cover the nail.  It's slightly muted compared to most of the other mints in my collection.

Hide and Go Chic is a knockout blue creme.  This color literally made me stop and stare when I saw a print ad, and go look for the collection's release date. Like the others, it only required two coats.

Using my fingers as a nail wheel:

I know it's a messy paint job, but I just wanted to show them on the nails before I get wheels in.

I found this set at Ulta, but the official release date for the collection is in March.

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