Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm back (sort of)


I had to take  a break from blogging. It started out to be something meant for fun, a way to share my passion for beauty with the world.  It quickly turned into a monster, with me buying products I otherwise wouldn't have just for  the purposes of making a blog post out of it.  It turned into "I can't enjoy my new goodies unless I swatch them first, and there's no daylight! Oh no!".  It turned into every weekend spent swatching nail polish until my cuticles were dried out.

That's not what any of it was meant to be.  So I took a step back.  From the blog, from all of the online beauty communities I frequent.

And I enjoyed.  I enjoyed life, I enjoyed new products (when I felt like it), and I enjoyed freedom.

However, in the last little bit, there have been some questions that I wish someone had answered- such as "What's the best dupe for the new Dior Addict Gloss Exquise (#772)?  Is it even somewhat close in tone to Chanel Glossimer Jalousie (#169)? Do you need both if you're not a big gloss person like me?  These are the questions that the internet doesn't seem to have the answer to!

It's not like I haven't been buying, but I need to slow my roll and not try to create new posts every day.  In terms of Spring 2014 collections, all of the snow is making me want to burst out wearing bright colors, and I'm stretching myself in terms of colors I wouldn't normally buy.  Right now, for instance, I'm trying to make a very expensive experiment work with my super pigmented lips.  I'm wearing Rouge Dior in Rose Crinoline, topped with Dior Addict Petillante- both LE from Spring 2014. And I've got Bloom on my nails, my latest pickup from the collection (I passed on Blossom due to the similarities to Chanel June in terms of shade since I rarely wear June and hate sheer polish, and Perle is pretty but not for me. I've got the rest).

I've got a bunch of NOTD posts saved, which will have to do until the days get longer. I'm also currently out of nail wheels and the local Sally's no longer stocks them.

In short, expect to see some infrequent updates here, especially as new collections drop and I've had time to play with things. I'm not looking to be the first one to review things. I'm also not about to remove a mani I'm rocking just to swatch!

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