Friday, February 28, 2014

NOTD: Dior Porcelaine

Today's NOTD is the last of the four selections from Dior's Spring 2014 Trianon Collection that I showed earlier in the month.

Porcelaine is a light blue creme that I struggled with, formula-wise.  This is three coats, and I was never happy with it.


  1. wow! I love this color. Looks gorgeous for summer, spring. How do you like the Dior compared to the Tom Ford?

    1. They aren't even in the same galaxy. I've never had a formula problem with any TF, whereas Dior does put out some difficult formulas (like this one- it may be pretty but I've gone multiple rounds with it trying to get good coverage). Allegedly Dior is rebooting their nail line sometime this year, so I'm just waiting to see. However, the price difference is almost the cost of a bottle of Essie/OPI.


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