Monday, February 24, 2014

Comparison: Dior Addict Lip Gloss #442 Petillante vs Dior Addict Lip Gloss #343 Spring Ball

In my earlier overview of Dior's Spring 2014 Trianon Collection, I compared new (and limited edition) Dior Addict Lip Gloss Petillante #442 to one of the permanent shades that was featured for Spring 2013, #343 Spring Ball.  What I neglected to give you were photos.  Truthfully, it was because I couldn't find my Spring Ball!  Well, I found it- and I'd like to give you an in-depth overview.

Here's a shot of the two glosses I'll be talking about.  They are both light offerings that read mostly nude on the lips, and both from the revamped Dior Addict gloss line.  You can already see the main difference- the undertones.

In all of my swatches, Petillante (#442) will be on the left, and Spring Ball (#343) will be on the right.  Petillante has a pink-peach undertone, where as Spring Ball has only peach undertones.  Both have obvious sparkle both in the tube and on the lips.

They look nearly identical on my heavily pigmented lips, so I'm going to stick to hand swatches for this post.

Here, outside without flash, and not under a porch (that's important to note), you can see how close they are.  My original advice was that Petillante was only a must-buy for owners of Spring Ball if you wanted to be matchy-matchy with the LE Rouge Dior offering or collect all of the lighter glosses. I think this photo illustrates why I made that suggestion the best.

Here's a photo of the same swatches outside, with flash:

They look even more similar there.

Another outside, with flash shot (from a different location):

Here's the same swatches, but indoors.

No flash:

And with flash:

Bottom line: I stand by my earlier statements that these two glosses read essentially the same, especially if worn alone on semi-pigmented lips.  I own both and realize that they're pretty similar. However, I bought because I previously purchased the Spring Ball items and wanted the matching gloss for Rouge Dior Rose Crinoline for Spring 2014.

Both Dior Addict Lip Glosses retail for $29.50.  #442 Petillante is a limited edition and starting to sell out.  #343 is a permanent collection item and readily available via the usual locations.

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