Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Burberry Orange Poppy Nail Polish & Lip Glow Balm

Today's post is a bit late since Summer 2014 has come and gone, but I'd still like to share some of my selections from the Burberry Summer Showers collection with you. Although I wanted to purchase the entire collection, I ultimately passed on the blushes and concentrated on one of the three Lip Glow Balms and two of the three nail polishes.  I have the matching Lip Glow Balm and Nail Polishes in Orange Poppy to share today.

Burberry Nail Polish in Orange Poppy is a deceptive polish. It looks quite red in the direct morning sunshine, but it's really a stunning red-orange deep fiery shimmer. You can get a bit of that in the lower left part of the bottle in this photo.

I have three coats plus topcoat on my nails in this shot:

I find this to be an incredibly lovely shade, and I wore it frequently this summer. Burberry Nail Polishes retail for $22 and contain 8ml/0.27fl of polish. These shades are listed as limited edition.

I picked up one of the three Lip Glow Balms to try the formula, and I felt that Orange Poppy was the most unique of the three shades. The Lip Glow Balms are limited edition, retail for $28, and contain 4g/0.14oz of product.

It contains the same iconic Burberry check on the balm like other Burberry lip products.

Orange Poppy appears to be a neon orange balm and almost unwearable. It's not what it seems, just bear with me. I adore Orange Poppy.

Just look how lovely it is!

One of the reasons why I only chose Orange Poppy was because I wanted a shade that wasn't easily dupeable in my stash. I love balms, and the Burberry Lip Glow Balm is one of the best I've seen. It's a hydrating balm that does highlight any flaws in texture, so make sure to exfoliate.

Just to show how much of a balm this really is, here's a representative swatch, outside:

It's so lovely on my pigmented lips as well. It's actually wearable three seasons of the year.

Bottom line: Burberry hit it out of the park with this formula. The only reason that I didn't pick up the others is that I have similar shades in my stash. As long as they're available, I do recommend them.

Burberry Nail Polish & the Lip Glow Balms are still available at Burberry.com, Net-a-Porter.com, and Nordstrom.com

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