Sunday, September 28, 2014

Truffle Clarity Pouch

I've been making an effort lately to streamline my bags. Although I adore my Michael Kors Hamiltons, smaller bags like my Balenciaga City and Twiggy have been back in heavy rotation as of late. And if I'm streamlining my bags, it's time to streamline my makeup bags.

Enter the Truffle Clarity Pouch.

TSA-Approved for frequent fliers, this is an incredibly well-made (and stylish) clear pouch.

Unlike many other clear pouches, you can really see the quality here. The stitching is heavy and materials substantial in your hand. These come in two sizes; this is the smaller of the two. There are several other styles on the site ( which I keep eyeing and can't wait to try eventually.

As I mentioned, this is the smaller of the two and passes TSA requirements. I showed you what it looked like filled above, but here's what was actually inside:

That's quite a bit, right? That's plenty to bring with you on a daily basis, and can easily handle all of your liquids when traveling. I've had my Truffle Clarity Pouch for about a week and have purposely been using it very rigorously so I could speak to durability. The clear vinyl looks perfect, and you'd swear that nobody had used it.

Bottom line: these are a bit pricey for a makeup bag ($32 for this and up), but they're just wonderful. I keep eyeing the Privacy Clutch because it's oh-so-chic.

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  1. I've seen these but have been on the fence because of the price. I like the color you chose. I think I will treat myself to one for the holidays. Thanks for the review.


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