Saturday, September 6, 2014

Preview: Giorgio Armani Fall 2014 Selections

Over the next few days, I'll be sharing my selections from Giorgio Armani Beauty's Fall 2014 Fade to Grey Collection (and a couple of other Armani purchases):

My first set of selections (from a brand that I admittedly haven't explored properly as of yet) are:
  • Organica Universal Eyeshadow Palette ($88/5g, eyeshadow duo), the prettiest palette I've ever owned
  • Eyes to Kill Liner in #3 Mercury Nude ($34/0/1fl oz, liquid eyeliner), a fine-tipped molten liquid eyeliner that I'm likely to revisit in the near future with additional shades
  • Rouge d'Armani Sheers Hydrating Lipstick #624 ($34/0.13oz), one of three limited edition lipsticks from this collection
  • Eye & Brow Maestro in #3 Red/Acajou ($34/5g), a product that promises it all: brow shading, gel eyeliner, eyeshadow, and root touch-up
  • Si by Giorgio Armani EDP ($70/1 fl oz), the line's latest perfume release

This is the first collection that I've truly fallen in love with Armani Beauty. I'm not sure why I haven't explored it in the past (it intimidates me for some reason. Yes, me, with my Tom Ford, Chanel, and Burberry SAs on speed dial). I'm a sucker for greys, and this collection has me head over stilettos!

Notice that I said first set- I fully expect to be going in for seconds (or thirds)!

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