Sunday, September 28, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Palette Fetiche

My mama should've warned me: there's just something about leather.

I wasn't going to do a long review on this palette since it appeared to have long-since sold out, but I just noticed that YSL's US site seems to indicate that another round of palettes is coming soon. As a good blogger, I should've featured it on this site long before now, but I wanted to actually try this out for more than just a few swatches before reviewing it. At this price point, it demands some careful consideration.

The Palette Fetiche ($60) is the star of the Fall 2014 Leather Fetiche collection. It's also my first purchase from the reformulated YSL palettes. I'm a huge fan. These weigh in at a total 0.18oz for the 5 shadows.

This palette is different than the other YSL palettes with its cover. The lovely leather cover sets the tone for this perfectly fall palette.

The 5 shades in this palette are perfect for fall. I've been sitting on it until recently. These palettes are a complete look in one lovely package:

There are 5 incredible shades:

#1 is a shimmering camel meant to be used as a base shade. I love it all over the lid.
#2 is a breathtaking champagne meant to be used as a highlighter. I love it in that role, or as an all-over shade when I want an angelic eye
#3 is the center glittering dark brown with copper sparkle shade. It's perfect in the crease, or blended on the lid as part of a smoky eye
#4 is a denim blue with underlying sparkle.
#5 is a dark brown that makes a perfect liner.

I find these to be lovely, and quite blendable. There is little fallout, and the shades last all day with primer. They're pigmented, but are appropriate for many occasions.

To truly appreciate these shades, you have to see them swatched.

Swatched, in the direct sun:

Swatched, on a sunny day, without the direct sun:

Swatched, outside (no direct light- cooler light):

Swatched, with flash:

Overall, I find this to be a perfect palette for fall. It may appear to be yet another neutral palette at first glance, but it's special. I highly recommend it if you can find it. I've made so many varying looks, from light-handed to work-appropriate to smoky. It's rare to find one palette that can do it all- but this one can.

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