Monday, September 15, 2014

Tom Ford Black Cherry Nail Lacquer

It should be no surprise that I'm starting my review of the Tom Ford Fall 2014 items that I purchased with Black Cherry, the lone nail lacquer in the collection.  It was Tom Ford's nail lacquers that first introduced me to the brand. The line retails for $32 each and contains 12ml of polish.

I have three coats plus Seche Vite topcoat on my nails here:

Black Cherry is a darkened red plum that appears black. It's a classic vamp and beautiful for fall. This is such a classy shade and one lovely enough that I'm considering a pro manicure to really get the most out of it. I adore this shade, and it's just warm enough to not look harsh.

Like other Tom Ford Nail Lacquers, this is a glossy shade with incredible wear time. Tom Ford's nail range contains some gel ingredients (per some of their SAs), hence the amazing wear. When I tested it, I felt both way out of season but also incredibly chic. I'll be posting a comparison post with some of my favorite dark shades in the next few days so you can really see the difference.

Black Cherry is currently available at Tom Ford counters, and online at the usual retailers. Unlike Nude Dip and the blush duos, this doesn't seem to be selling out.

I'll have the other pieces of the collection that I purchased soon- the weather has been exceptionally cloudy and un-swatch-friendly over the past week or so. The few times that the sun has been out, I've been at work!


  1. I am wearing this at the moment - my manicurist applied on Saturday am - two coats plus seche vite and it is still flawless and so, so chic. Going to be wearing this all Autumn. Susan, London

    1. I'm waiting until it cools down for real before pulling it back out! It's still nice and warm.


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