Sunday, December 1, 2013

Diorific Vernis Gold Coffret Holiday 2013

*taps mic* I hope everyone is paying attention, because I have the most jaw-dropping holiday gift set that's not being talked about for Holiday 2013 to show you today.

What's the beautiful gold Dior box?  It's the Diorific Vernis Coffret for Holiday 2013, of course!

If you're scratching your head because you hadn't heard about the Diorific Vernis Coffret, you're not alone. I happened to stumble onto it late one night on the Saks website, where it's an exclusive.

Before you shrug and think "but I've got the holiday polishes," let me warn you that you don't.  This Diorific Coffret has 3 brand-spanking new, exclusive shades.  Let that sink in for a moment.

The three shades are Almee (#291)- gold, Aladin (#668)- bronze/copper, Apparat (#871)- red/gold.  This is the only place where they're bring released.

Here they are, on my nails.  This is inside, with flash:

Swatched, outside.  Thumbnail is Diorific, the gold shade from last year. It's clearly very different than these shades.

Here's another look at the coffret, outside:

I'll be doing a NOTD for each of these shades, but wanted to show you this incredible nail set as soon as I felt up to blogging again.  At $70, that works out to just under $24 per polish- which is what you'd pay at the counter for them individually if they were available.  It's an amazing set, and worth running out to Saks to pick it up.

Pricing/Availability; $70, a Saks Fifth Avenue exclusive.  When I got mine on 22 November, my Saks had stacks of these available. That said, each major metropolitan area seems to have only one Saks that received these. Go!

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