Friday, December 6, 2013

NARS Cream Blush- Enchanted

Today I'm going to be showing you something relatively rare in my stash- a cream blush.  This makes the third that I own, and by far this is my new favorite.

NARS Enchanted is described as "soft peach with gold sparkle."  It's like Orgasm's lighter, sheerer cousin.  And I love it.

Outside, in indirect light

Inside, with flash

I love the texture of these- velvety smooth and very buildable.  You can easily add and then buff in layers, with just the amount that you want.

Inside, no flash

Inside, with flash


Bottom Line: I really love this formula, and I'll probably pick up another shade or two.  This is much more blendable than Urban Decay or MUFE's cream blushes.

Pricing/Availability: $29, via NARS website.  I picked this up for $10 in the sale section of Sephora's site, so you should keep an eye out for it to show up from time to time. It's well-worth it at either price.


  1. great post! it's a really pretty color


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