Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Drybar Full Pint Medium Round Brush

I previously mentioned wanting to try this in a Sunday Dreaming post; a recent Sephora discount code made me make the leap.  Other than my other recent Drybar acquisition, it's been at least six years since I bought a full-sized brush so I was due.

This is the larger of the two round brushes that Sephora stocks from Drybar. I figured it was the size I was seeking for my actual blowout, so I took a deep breath and ordered it (despite it being more expensive).

According to Drybar, it's the ceramic in the brush that heats up and makes for the perfect blowout.  I've been using this brush about a month, and when I have time to do it right, I really enjoy it.  Admittedly, at 5AM I usually don't take the time.

I find that this brush works well and I can eliminate any further styling of my hair when I take the time to blow it out in sections.  This creates a lovely, natural look that I'd love to have the ability to recreate on a daily basis. In the name of time management, it's not so practical with my hair that resists drying like nobody's business.

Bottom Line: There are probably cheaper alternatives that create a similar final look. However, as infrequently as I buy brushes, this works for me. if you're looking for high-quality tools and don't mind the pricepoint, I recommend looking into Drybar's brushes.  I'm quite happy with the two that I have.

Pricing/Availability: $40, via Sephora, Drybar, or QVC.

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