Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Diorskin Shimmer Star #001 Pink Diamond

Today I bring you one of the best products that has come into my life in awhile.  It's not a new release, nor is it unfamiliar to most people in the beauty world. But I continue to be amazed by its versatility.

Like all Dior products, it comes with a beautiful black pouch.

The Diorskin Shimmer Star palette comes in a compact nearly identical to the eyeshadow quints.  For those looking for difference, the Shimmer Stars lack the silver band around the top of the palette.

The Shimmer Stars contain 10g/0.35oz of powder, and were made in Italy.  There are 5 different colored powders inside, ranging from off-white to a beautiful rose.

Let's take a moment and enjoy how beautiful that is!

Here it is again, outside in natural light. I've numbered the different shades so that we can discuss each in-depth. Although Shimmer Star is known as a highlighter by mixing the shades, I've found a number of other ways to use this.

  • Shimmer Star #1: This is a pearly pink opalescent color that's beautiful as a straight highlighter or in the inside of the eye to reflect color
  • Shimmer Star #2: This is a frosty pink that I've used as a crease color, but this is mainly a shade I blend with the others.
  • Shimmer Star #3: Slightly darker frosty pink that can be used as a accent.
  • Shimmer Star #4: Darker shimmer pink that I've used as an eyeshadow for a daytime look.
  • Shimmer Star #5: This rosy shimmer also doubles as a beautiful blush.
Admittedly this Shimmer Star is best suited for someone with light. rosy complexion like mine.

I also mix them together and apply lightly with a fan brush as a highlighter. It imparts a true shimmer without glitter.

Some swatches (although they're tough to see):

I compared the overall color with Lancome's La Roseraie Highlighter. A quick shot together so we're all on the same page in terms of the Lancome:

It was very easy to see the difference with the naked eye, but photographing it proved problematic.

This is out of focus, but shows the biggest difference the best:

The Lancome (left) has obvious glitter, and is slightly darker. The Dior (right) just enhances the skin without glitter.

Bottom Line: Who wouldn't love a product that's $15 less than the eyeshadow quints that can be used as highlighter, blush, accent, and eyeshadow? The colors are far sheerer, but useful for a subtle glow. The next time you're near one of these beauties, I highly recommend playing with them. It took one of the Dior traveling makeup artists to open my eyes to just how awesome the Shimmer Stars are- and how I can't live without them.

Pricing/Availability: $45, via Dior counters and Sephora.

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