Sunday, December 15, 2013

NOTD: Chanel Cosmic

It's not often that the mere sight of a nail polish bottle makes me gasp.  Well, dear readers, that's exactly what happened to your Quirky Beauty at the mall on Monday night. I stopped in to pick up a new pink-based neutral shade for my nails and came home with a polish I've been stalking for four months instead. The neutral can wait until Friday (payday).

Chanel Cosmic is one of two limited edition polishes released exclusively to and Macys on Cyber Monday.  Early rumors placed the release on Black Friday; they turned out to be just a bit off.  I was under the impression that this was a web exclusive, but my local store received 3 of each (Cosmic and Magic).  For international readers, these are the Fashion's Night Out shades you all had access to back in September.  Since the US FNO was cancelled, we had to wait nearly three months to get these!

These swatches are with 2 coats, 1 coat of Formula X top coat.  I struggled to photograph the shimmer, but it's there in real life. It's unique from Chanel (if I ever get a light box, I'll do a blacks comparison post), but doesn't read glitter the way that say, Dior Diva does.

Cosmic is a black base with silver glitter suspended in it.  The glitter is finely milled and shows up well in the bottle.  On the nail, it reads as a black creme unless you're looking very closely at your fingers. I have to remove this polish because of an important work function, so I'll have time to play with the mani again soon.

This picture is a bit out of focus, but it gives you a sense of the glitter in the base:

Pricing/Availability: $27, limited-edition via or Macys

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