Sunday, December 1, 2013

NOTD: Burberry Nail Polish No. 107 Light Gold

Yes, I'm back!  Happy December, and here's a brand-new LE Holiday 2013 for your NOTD viewing pleasure.

I bring you the brand-new Burberry Nail Polish #107- Light Gold.  I purchased it as soon as it was available from Burberry's website, but I believe Nordstrom released it for Black Friday.  Pro tip: try your local Burberry boutique- they're putting a capsule of the current collection in the regular stores if you don't happen to live in one of the 3 (or so) states that have actual Burberry counters.

These swatches are three thin coats, no top coat.

Light Gold is a yellow-gold that has enough platinum undertones to keep it wearable by any skintone or undertone.  In person, it's quite similar to that frosted yellow gold that Kenneth Cole fashion jewelry uses- the matte one.  The only difference is that the nail polish is shiny.

For those who haven't seen Burberry nail polish before, the bottles are beautiful.  This special holiday bottle has a gold cap rather than the normal gunmetal. It pulls off to remove a uniquely-shaped bottle:

I like Burberry's polish (you'll be seeing another polish in the coming days), and find it on-par with Dior.  The pricepoint is great for a high-end polish, at $21.  I didn't keep this on my nails, but prior tests yielded 2-3 days of wear time- at or above-average for me.

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