Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tom Ford Ombre Eye Color 02 She Wolf

My makeup habit has gotten significantly more expensive within the past month.  When I bought my first Dior quint during the VIB sale (review to come), that was the most expensive single item I'd bought. Then I met Tom Ford, and it's been downhill since then.

The eyeshadow trio I'm bringing you today has already been reviewed by other bloggers since it was a fall release. However, it's still available via Saks and Neiman Marcus, so I feel the need to show you just why you need a $60 neutral taupe eyeshadow trio.  Because, dear readers, you need this in your life like now.

Like all other high-end cosmetics, this comes with a lovely dustbag:

Pro tip: the dustbag works well to shine the compact and remove fingerprints.

The compact itself feels rich and weighty:

02 She Wolf contains 3 eyeshadows that weigh in at a total 0.16oz and retails for $60.  Yes, it's hefty, but this trio is the nicest powder eyeshadow I've ever worked with.

I took quite a few photos of this trio before swatching.

Outside, in indirect light:

Inside, with flash:

Inside, without flash:

I think the indoor photos do a decent job of showing off the glitterbomb that She Wolf #3 appears to be in the pan.  Now, let's talk about the shades.

  • She Wolf #1 is a rich chocolate brown.  This is the shade that worried me the most when I purchased the trio, but the MUA at the counter assured me that it was workable. I may go back for some additional smoky eye guidance from him (I have a standing offer if I have questions).
  • She Wolf #2 is a metallic taupey greige that is like the grownup version of Urban Decay's Mushroom.  That is, it's the more sophisticated sister that's appropriate for the boardroom.
  • She Wolf #3 is a glittery shade that scares a lot of people, but I've found it very workable.
Now, some swatches.  I'll discuss how I used these shades in my weeks of testing after you've seen the colors.

Inside, no flash:

Inside, flash:


Outside, at an angle:

Overall, I adore this trio.  I've never experienced such high-quality eyeshadows before- and I own Chanel, Dior, and the rest.  These are velvety and totally blendable. They are a joy to work with- and I've been wearing nothing else on my eyes since I purchased them.  Here's a couple of my looks:

Look #1: Nighttime
She Wolf #1: Smoked, near lashline, outside of lids
She Wolf #2:  All over the lids
She Wolf #3: inside of lids, smoked in crease and a bit above

Look #2: Daytime with a kick
She Wolf #2: lids
She Wold #3: Inside of lids (I wear glasses), very lightly applied and blended to get most of the glitter toned down and the light tan remaining to the crease.

With just a simple MAC 239 (I think, I need to look- the lid brush), I can blend and adapt these shadows.  They're so easy to work with, and I'm so glad that I have this trio.  It's an expensive neutral trio, but a foundational piece in my makeup stash.

Even with all of the blending, I had no problems with fallout.  With NARS eyeshadow primer, it's still fresh 15-16 hours later when I remove it.  This is seriously the perfect trio.

Bottom Line: I never would've believed it 5 weeks ago, but this is a must-have.  Beautiful neutrals that can create any number of looks.

Pricing/Availability: $60, at Tom Ford counters. Still online at Neiman Marcus.  Hurry, because this is LE for Fall 2013.

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