Friday, December 13, 2013

NOTD: Dior Diorific Royale (#775)

Today's blog posts share a theme: breaking all of my rules!  I've mentioned that I don't like showing you items that aren't readily available, but I can't resist with these beauties.  US-based readers, my apologies. Hopefully you have friends in Europe or Asia like I do who can grab these at their local counters.

Today's NOTD is a polish that I fell in love with at first promo pic.  This was the color that I looked forward to hitting local counters. Unfortunately, Dior decided to keep it from North America. Much love to my makeup angel friend for getting a bottle of Dior Diorific Royale (#775).

Royale is packaged in the jewel-like Diorific bottles that just look amazing on your vanity. These don't have the typical wide Dior brush, but are lovely to work with.

Royale is a saturated, warm pink creme.  This is a true creme, with no shimmer either in the bottle or visible on the nail. My mani is with 3 thin coats.

Royale feels like a fun, festive alternative to red nails, and is perfect for holiday.  It's of similar intensity to Chanel Tentation, but with a creme finish.  I wore this to work and it felt festive but work-appropriate.  I actually put this back on several times.

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