Sunday, June 25, 2017

Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight by Face Studio Illuminating Powder

Another day, another item that caught my eye and I couldn't wait to share it with you. I'll be featuring all 7 of the Maybelline City palettes (yes, there are seven) later this week, but I couldn't wait to share this instead.

While browsing the Ulta website recently for one of several large orders, I spotted two new highlighters that aren't the chrome/gold one getting all of the attention. I already know that one will be too dark for me, so this purple beauty really caught my imagination.

The Basics:
Full Product Name: Maybelline Master Fairy Highlight by FaceStudio Illuminating Powder- The Exclusive Purple
Price: $9.99
Size: 0.25oz/7g
Retailer:, I'm not sure if this will be coming in-store
Other colors in the line? Yes, a rainbow highlight (I have two, so I didn't pick it up)

Let's look at the packaging. It's plastic and feels solid.

Like many other drugstore products, it opens both from the top and bottom. There's a mirror and, inexplicably, a sponge under the pan on the bottom. Don't use a sponge with this!

Let's talk about the product itself. This is a true highlighter- it's too shimmery, in my opinion, to be used on the eyes. Let's look at that pan closely.

There are four shades- all a gradient of purple. The third shade (L-R) is the most glittery of the bunch.

Here is is, each color individually swatched:

And here's a blended swatch:

Please keep in mind that I'm swatching rather heavily; this is a lovely lilac when picked up with a fan brush and looks gorgeous against my pale complexion.

Bottom Line: I recommend checking this out- I suspect it's an Ulta exclusive due to the shade name. In a world becoming saturated with rainbow highlighters, it's cool to see a drugstore brand go for something out of the box like this.

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