Sunday, June 4, 2017

QBB Hauls: Sephora 2017 VIB Rouge Fall Preview Event

Welcome to the first of a new series for me- QBB Hauls. I used to mainly show hauls on Instagram, but I'd like to start posting on this site again. This also allows me to see if there's a highly requested item and rack and stack items I plan to review. Just because I hauled it, I may not post about it. I don't receive products for free, so I'm not getting new items every day. I find hauls fun- perhaps I've watched too many haul videos?

This past Saturday was the Fall 2017 Sephora VIB Rouge Fall Preview Event here in the US. Although US customers weren't treated to sample in our bag or candies, we did have an event. I'm not sure why Sephora favors their Canadian customers for these events (they had closed-door events when US ones were cancelled, and this is actually the 3rd sample bag that they've gotten deluxe samples with but US got an empty bag this year alone), but that's Sephora these days. Don't even get me started on the current status of their warehouses.

Anyway, I digress.

The small bag was the GWP during the event. 

I  also picked up yet another Sephora Collection Solid Brush Cleaner because I go through these like crazy. You'll see so many of these in my empties.

Next, I picked up one of the featured items- the Urban Decay Go Naked 100% Perfume Oil. I will review this in the next week or so.

I will also be reviewing my next purchase in the coming week or two- the Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Glosses in Supernova and Mars. I fell in love with these after swatching them. They totally transform any lip color, and I think Mars in particular will be incredible for summer.

I also nabbed one of the Natasha Denona Blush Duos (#19) because I'm so intrigued by the line and wanted to try a face product that isn't the $89 contour palette.

Oh yeah, and I also got the Natasha Denona Sunset Palette! I won't be reviewing because it's almost impossible to find now, but here's a pretty picture of it. If it ever becomes permanent, I'm sure I'll be happy to review.

I can't wait... and yes, I know. But this is a special shadow palette. I never said I wouldn't purchase palettes- I will be getting the new ABH, containing to build my Viseart collection, and buying more from Natasha Denona in particular.

Aside from the fact that Natasha Denona is incredibly pricey, this is a relatively sane haul, right?

Did you attend the 2017 Fall Preview event? If so, what did you purchase?

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