Tuesday, June 6, 2017

QBB Hauls: MAC, Aveda & NYX

Here's another QBB Hauls for you today! This is a combination of goodies from MAC, CCO, Nordstrom, Aveda, and NYX. I'm blessed to have access to so many stores.

Let's start with MAC goodies. These are from three places-the eyeshadow is a Back2MAC, one foundation is from Nordstrom, and the other from CCO.

Why so much foundation? It's because your QBB is on the self-tanner train as of late and nothing works anymore!

From L-R, you have: Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation- NW18 (I own NW13 and that's actually a bit light in general. When I'm not self-tanned, I can mix the two until I repurchase NW15), Pro Longwear Foundation in NW15 (I've been matched to NW13 normally), Little MAC Pigment- Rich Purple (who can resist a $5 pigment, right?), and Eyeshadow in New Crop (a B2M splurge- I'm slowly getting all of the Bangin' Brilliant shades since they refuse to put them out in pan form).

Let's take a small haircare detour from the darker foundation theme for a minute.  I'm going to post a hair routine in the next month, but I do use color conditioners from Aveda as a huge part of my routine. They were 20% off, so I nabbed both. Black Malva is dark and cool, whereas Clove is brown and warm. I also had a coupon for a mini beautifying body moisturizer.

Moving on to my stop at NYX (that store is so dangerous for me, as is Kiko!), I've got 2 foundations to play with. I really feel like the lighting is off in their store because these foundations seem so dark at home.

L-R: Invincible Foundation in 02 Fair, Cosmic Metals Lip Creme- 15 Retro Harmony, Slide On Glide On, Stay On & Definitely a Turn On Waterproof Liners- Glitzy Gold, Jewel, Purple Blaze, Wonder Pencil in Light, and Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation in 17 Warm.

Have you picked up anything from these brands recently?

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