Friday, February 26, 2016

Burberry Spring/Summer 2016 Runway Highlighter Palette

I'm so glad that this was brought back in wide release so that I can talk about this with you. Keep an eye out on Burberry's site, Nordstrom, Sephora, and Saks for the most recent inventory. I bought mine at my local Burberry boutique.

Burrberry released two limited edition highlighter palettes for Spring/Summer 2016. Since I have so many light gold highlighters, I went for the white shade (#01). These highlighters retail for $68 (ouch!) and weigh in at 0.5g.

The compact is the same as Burberry's quads and blushes.

It has a nice velvet sleeve, with a pocket.

In that pocket is a small brush. Not my tool of choice for a highlighter, but it could be used for travel or in an emergency. And any true makeup lover knows that highlighter emergencies happen.

First, let's take a moment to appreciate the small details. From the plastic lace sleeve on the palette to the embossed lace on the highlighter, this is a true collector's item.

Take a close look at that sleeve.  Now, look at the pan.  Burberry simply nails the details.

Seriously, this one is almost too pretty to swatch.

In terms of a white highlighter, this one seems to be a chameleon. It's far more metallic simply swatched, but buffs out to a luminous glow.

This might be the season for the white highlighter- and this pale diva is loving it. I pulled two of my other white highlighters to give a real comparison.

When comparing the three recently-released white highlighters, we can set aside the white half of Chanel Perles et Fantaisies immediately. It's more of a sheen than a metallic highlighter and the most natural of the trio.

Both the Burberry Runway highlighter and Becca Pearl are metallic.  Burberry is a little more metallic and bright than Becca Pearl. It's also more sparkly in real life. It pulls more silver than Becca Pearl. Unfortunately I passed on the silver Chanel highlighter from holiday a couple of years ago, so I can't compare the two to see if I could tease the silver bits out of the Burberry.

Although they're all different, if the price tag of the Burberry scares you off, a buffed-out Burberry and buffed-out Becca will be close enough. If you're a hard-core highlighter fiend, go check it out. This is an incredible collector's piece.

I'll leave you with one more photo of this gorgeous highlighter.

Did you buy either of them?

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