Monday, February 29, 2016

MAC Monday: Hot Tahiti Glaze Lipstick

Sometimes you have plans, and other times you stumble into a post. Today is the later, as I remembered how much I love this lipstick after wearing it to work. And MAC Monday returns after a 1-week vacation! And... Happy Leap Day!

I was wearing this dress in the sold out black/red plaid and was looking for a lipstick in the red/wine family.

Nothing seemed quite right, until I pulled out MAC Hot Tahiti.

Hot Tahiti is a lipstick that doesn't seem to get a lot of love, but it's honestly one of my favorites from MAC. I'm not precisely sure why, but I have a few thoughts.

1. Hot Tahiti is one of just a few Glaze lipsticks. These are intentionally glossy, thin, sheer, but buildable. I love them because the color's buildable and they moisturize my sensitive lips. No, the wear time isn't great (3-5 hours) but let's be honest- who isn't sipping on something all day at work?

2. Hot Tahiti is the opposite of a Matte- which is what's in. Phshaw.

3. MAC doesn't do a lot of promoting or repromotion of their Glazes other than Pervette. I can't find any mentions of this being promoted within the past five years or so.

4. MAC's color description seems off for this: This is lipstick that's totally dependent on your natural lip color. On me, it's a stunning vampy rose that leans towards wine. I adore personalized lip shades.

Here's Hot Tahiti on my lips, in action:

Isn't it awesome?

Here's a swatch of it on my hand, both one pass (left) and built up (right)

Hot Tahiti is exactly why I started MAC Monday. You can grab it directly from MAC either online or in their stores. I haven't hunted at counters to make sure that it is available there.

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