Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Night Dreaming

I willingly abandoned Sunday Dreaming yesterday in lieu of finishing the Chanel posts. However, I've spotted a few things tonight that made me stop and say "I NEED THAT!" while browsing tonight.

So, here's Monday Night Dreaming because I can't help but dream with you!

1. Kate Spade 'Lipstick Palette' Scarf ($88)

This is the item that inspired the post. I love scarves, I love Kate Spade, and I love lipstick. I NEED THIS SCARF! It comes in both cream and black. It reminds me a lot of the petit fours scarf (which I nabbed at my local Nordstrom Rack- incredibly). I can pretty much guarantee this will be in my Nordstrom order this Friday (aka payday). This. is. awesome.

2. Kate Spade 'Falling Hearts' Scarf ($88)

I can't help it, I'm having a scarf-obsessing moment. After buying two Kate Spade scarves within a week (this one and this one), I want all of them. This is so beautiful with the hearts- and it's so girly for spring.

3. YSL Nail Lacquer ($28)

Nordstrom recently received 3 new and exclusive shades of YSL's nail lacquer.  Day Bloomer, Night Bird, and Weekender are all pink-red-coral shades. After loving YSL's spring polishes, I'd love to play with these 3 that scream summer to me.

4. Zac Posen for MAC 168 Brush ($36)

The new Zac Posen for MAC collection has dropped. Although I'm passing on the color items, I'm totally onboard with picking up this angled contour brush. The buffer brush ($54) is a bit pricey for me right now, but this one hits my sweet spot.

5. Laura Mercier Velour Lovers Lipstick in French Kiss ($28)

Spoiler alert: I love this formula. I have another shade queued up to review on this blog, but I'd like to find a second shade to feature alongside it. French Kiss looks like a bright, fresh pink.

That's what's on my mind right now.

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