Thursday, February 4, 2016

MAC Flamingo Park Collection Part II: Lipliners and Nail Polish

Yesterday I brought you the first of probably 4 or 5 posts reviewing my purchases from MAC's Spring 2016 Flamingo Park collection. It's awesome.

Let me remind you of the first wave of what I bought:

I've already given my two thumbs up to my 3 blush purchases from this collection; let's talk about some of the odds and ends, if you will. I picked up one of the three lipliners and both nail polishes from this collection (I was waiting on one to arrive when I took that photo). I'd originally planned to talk about the lipsticks today, but I plan to get the only one I'm missing today when the collection launches.  So, tomorrow's lipstick day, and Saturday should be the odds and ends that I pick up from the counter.  In case you hadn't noticed, this collection is huge (lipstick (9), blush (7), lipgloss (5), eyeshadow x9 (1), beauty powder (2), pigment (3), lipliner (3), nail polish (2), plus the other products promoted with it like mascara).

I'm glad I did most of my buying before I knew I'd be so upset over MAC's new loyalty program. But that's another story for another day.

So today's a light day since I'm waiting for the stores to open in a few hours.  Let's start with the lipliners. I think one of the three might be a new shade. I chose In Synch because I like light liners and it was used for a pretty nude lip in previous releases.

According to MAC, it is "bright yellow pink." I see more of the yellow tones popping out on my NW15 skin.

OK, please don't laugh at my non-artistic ability. I tried to draw a flamingo.

It's a cute lipliner for a nude lip or a lighter lipstick. I think it will pair nicely with the lighter lipstick in this collection. That said, it looks brutal on my pigmented lips so I'm not going to show a lip swatch. Just trust me.

Moving on to nails, there are two polishes (one repromote from the permanent line, one new release) with this collection.

Miami is the brand-new release.

MAC describes this yummy creme polish as "warm pink coral."

It looked more like a bright pink in the box. When i took it out of the box, the coral finally popped at me.  Formula is beautiful, and it's a bright, summery coral that will look awesome as the weather heats up.

Here's my ultra-quick mani with Miami. I used three thin coats, plus a top coat.

Pretty, right?

MAC also repromoted Spoonful of Sugar, a "Soft pink glitter with pink pearl" glitter polish with this collection. I'm not normally a glitter girl, but this is just fanciful, fun, and girly. I like it as grownup glitter- as a single coat accent nail.

Here's Spoonful of Sugar over Miami. I'll admit that when I did this, I literally said "Oooh, pretty" out loud. Well played, MAC.

Double secret blogger confession: Originally, I only painted the nails that you can see. I fell so hard in love that I had to try to get the polish off of my right hand so I could do this as well.

There's a pink iridescence to this glitter topcoat. I tried building it up on a nail wheel and may try a mani in the future. Since I'm a little short on time, I'll save that project for another day.

Here's a quick nail wheel with the two shades that really shows that pink shimmer I mentioned.

And there we have it for today. Stay tuned tomorrow for the Flamingo Park lipsticks.

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