Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lancome From Lancome With Love Spring 2016 Collection: Part III

Today brings the final post on Lancome's Spring 2016 collection- let's talk eyes.  I purchased two items from the collection- the blue eyeliner and blue palette. Both are exceptionally out-of-character for me, being the blue-eyed sort.

First, let's talk about the eyeliner.

For Spring 2016, Lancome offers up a new shade of Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner ($27): Bleu Ciel Parisien. I initially passed on this cornflower blue liner with a distinct white base since, well, I was afraid it would clash with my eyes.

One of the ladies at a local counter sweet talked me into trying it, and she was right. First, let's look at it on my skin:

Now, here's how I wear it. Yes, I could just line my upper lid. But wait... use this on the lower waterline. Trust me, it'll open your eyes. I don't have a photo to show, but this is the best way I've found to wear this unique shade. Formula-wise, it is quite soft (it's a twist-up liner), and sets quickly. Use the other end to blend, but do it quickly. That's quite normal for waterproof liners.

Bottom Line: Worth the purchase for a great formula in a fun color.

Next, let's talk about the Color Design Shadow and Liner Palette ($50).

I'm showing you #407, Bleu Ciel Parisien. It's packed with 4 pastels and one mid-toned color (designed to be used as a liner)

I'll be perfectly honest, this is the first Lancome palette I've ever purchased. It really captivated me at the counter with a finger swatch.

Since these are pastels, they're tricky little buggers to accurately capture. The darker shades are more accurate without flash, the lighter shades are more accurate with flash. So I give you both.

Without flash:

With flash:

These are exceptionally soft eyeshadows. So, there's the distinct probability that you can overblend on the eye. I thought about taking a photograph of the palette now, after testing and swatching- it looks well worn.

This is delicate. The looks it will produce are delicate.  I'll admit that I've been ignoring the suggested look- especially since they're calling for blue in the crease- but that's part of a good palette. The user should be able to come up with their own combinations.

I'll be very careful about how I say this. I think this is palette that would probably work best on the fairer end of the complexion spectrum- there's a real danger of it turning into a monochromed, shimmery mess. But YMMV.

I do like this, although a more subtle, shimmery eye isn't my usual look. These had moderate staying power when I tested over the course of three days.

Bottom Line: Play with this one at the counter and decide for yourself, especially at this price point.

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