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MAC Flamingo Park Collection Part IV: Eyeshadow and Overall Thoughts

Welcome to Day Four of Flamingo Week... Oh, wait. That's just the scope of what I bought from the MAC Flamingo Park collection.

Speaking of flamingos and feathers, I hope you all like the new look for QBB. I had a lot of fun designing it.

I'm wrapping up my reviews with the lone eyeshadow offering, the Flamingo Park Eyeshadow x 9 palette. Early info on this collection (and reality in some markets like Europe) had a bunch of new singles. The US got this palette instead. I have to admit that I'm disappointed, especially since there are some shades in the palette worth having in a full-sized pan (and backing up). I'm also a bit OCD about my large MAC Pro palettes, so....

That said, I like this for travel even though I can pull some similar shades from my collection.

At first glance, this palette is downright frightening but it does scream Spring. Here's she shade breakdown.

Row 1: Flounce (Matte), Glamour Light (Satin), Floridazzle (Satin)
Row 2: Flock & Roll (Matte), Sushi Flower (Satin), Bird's Eye View (Satin)
Row 3: Free Roaming (Veluxe Pearl), Naturally Fabulous (Matte), Wierdly Wonderful (Veluxe)

Let's talk about this for a moment. We have 4 pink shadows, 1 light yellow, 1 lime green, 1 bold blue, 1 dirty lilac, and one dark brown. Let's all have a communal WTF moment on this particular assortment of colors.

Now that we've had that moment, let's talk. On its surface, it makes no sense. Digging closer, it does. You've got the flamingos represented with all of the pink, and pale yellow, lime green, blue, and brown cover the park part of Flamingo Park. Although I'm not sure where the purple comes in, I'll take it. Gladly.

I know some early reviewers complained about pigmentation. Nope, it's not equal among shades, but it's absolutely genius on my NW15 skin. I can buff these shades out for daily wear or pack 'em on for night.I already owned Sushi Flower, but it's the only one.

Now, some row-by-row swatches and discussion. I'm having issues with some text formatting but that's not worth holding the post up.

Top Row:

Flounce (Matte) is a sweet, white-based pink. It brightens or can be used as an overall base color. I love shades like this in small doses. When I tested this palette yesterday, this was part of my overall look. It performs like a dream.

Glamour Light (Satin) looks way more orange against my pink undertones than it does in the pan. In the pan, it's a soft light yellow not that orange. Please believe me on that. It has good payoff, and I'm looking forward to constructing a look that includes it.

Floridazzle (Satin) is a pastel lime with yellow undertones. It brightens the overall look. It had the lovely payoff that Flounce has. I used this as an accent in my overall look. It lasted but faded as a liner eventually.

The middle row is all about pink. Here's a swatch:

 Flock and Roll (Matte) took 2 passes to build up that color. It's more of a light salmon pink. I included it in my overall look and had no issues.

Sushi Flower (Satin) is a repromoted permanent shade and the absolute worst-performing shade. That swatch requires 3 passes. Oddly enough, I didn't have these issues with my regular pan of this shade.

Bird's Eye View (Satin) scares the heck out of me. It's incredibly pigmented and really is that bold. Payoff is awesome as well.

The bottom row has my favorite shade in the palette:

First, can we just take a moment and enjoy that pigment? It's stunning.

Free Roaming (Veluxe Pearl) is worth the cost of admission alone. It's a greyed lilac with a perfect formula that blends like a dream. I need a full-sized pan of this! It performs like the best of Veluxe Pearl shades.

Naturally Fabulous (Matte) is a great grounding brown shade that will make this palette workable on a daily basis. I didn't test it in my initial look,but it swatches brilliantly.

Wierdly Wonderful (Veluxe) is an electric blue pop. Stunning pigmentation. I'm going to learn to figure this one out.

Here's my attempt at a full swatch:

I think this x9 palette is a winner. I've stayed away from them until now, but I love this one. The inclusion of the non-pink shades make it totally workable. I want to roll in that gorgeous dirty lilac on the bottom row. Gorg. I hope MAC somehow makes it permanent, or I'll be backing up this palette just for Free Roaming.

I don't have photographs to show you, but when I used the entire top row, Flock & Roll, Sushi Kiss, and Free Roaming yesterday and blended (blending is your friend), it produces a stunningly delicate and feminine eye. I paired it with Pink Swoon and with a bit of elbow grease got Long Legged & Fabulous to work. So lovely and girly, which is a huge surprise just looking at this palette in the pan.

One last final note, there are also two Beauty Powders in this collection, Pearl Blossom and Sunny Surprise. I skipped online, planned to purchase in-store, but skipped when I swatched the glosses instead. Here's a counter swatch of the two Beauty Powders though:

I may go back for Pearl Blossom in a few days, but I'm going to let my wallet cool off- especially with a whole new Chanel nail line.

That wraps up my coverage of MAC's Flamingo Park collection. I hope you enjoyed it!

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